GTA V Online Multiplayer Lost Characters Could be Player’s Fault

Rockstar say that some character loss is players fault.

Over the weekend the GTA V Online Multiplayer patch title updates for PS3 and Xbox 360 were made available for downloading. Despite promising that the patch would fix most common issues, there are still a number of players experiencing problems. Most noticeably the character loss problem, which Rockstar are now saying could be the player’s fault.

Since there are still server issues with the Online mode, gamers are getting increasingly frustrated at the problems encountered when they attempt to play multiplayer missions. Rockstar Games have stated on their support page that they are aware of the server problems and are working to sort them out.

But on the same page, Rockstar warns that some of the lost characters, items, and money can occur because of certain gamer actions. These are:

When players exit GTA Online, they need to pause the gameplay and then choose the single player option. This action will automatically save the game and make sure that any progress from the last autosave is saved. Purchasing items just before turning off the console or exiting via the console system menus can result in the loss of everything you just purchased.

If the error message “Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable” appears don’t use the Retry button. This action can result in the loss of all your character data. If you get this message, exit to the GTA V Story Mode and attempt to re-enter GTA Online via the Story Mode’s pause menu. Rockstar have said that they are attempting to release another title update that will fix this issue.

If the Rockstar Cloud Server is not available, when players take the option to play online with the disc content, instead of R* Cloud content, they are asked to confirm that they wish to play a temporary character. This character will not be saved and if you choose the temporary option, your old characters will not be available for that session. If players want to save characters that they have created they must not enter GTA Online when the R* servers are not available. If the servers come back up during gameplay; when you end the session the character will be lost. To keep your temporary character go back to Single Player and re-enter GTA Online and you can load your old – not temporary – characters and go back to GTA Online; you can then save your progress.

There are still a large number of players who cannot access the Online mode and others are complaining of lost game progress, money and property, on top of characters being deleted. The news that Rockstar have said that the lost character issue experienced on GTA V Online Multiplayer mode could be the players fault may cause even more gamer dissatisfaction with the game.

Rockstar said on October 6, that they are attempting to determine why this is happening and they are trying to minimize the damage while they find a “permanent fix.” The support page also relayed that they had not forgotten about the requests to restore lost items, characters, and levels. The company have explained that they are working on options to fix the issues still being experienced by players.

The last update on the support page stated that further update information would be posted when it was available. Since the issue of the GTA V Online Multiplayer characters is ongoing, they attempted to explain how some players could be at fault and how to avoid the problem. A large number of players are becoming disenchanted with the game because of all the online gaming problems.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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