Confirmed: Paul Walker Faked His Death Is False [Video] [UPDATE]

Paul Walker

We mistakenly published this article without it being checked by the Head Entertainment Editor and we have taken this opportunity to correct this error and apologise to everyone in the Walker family as well as his friends and fans. The Guardian Liberty Voice takes great pride in reporting the news and not mis-information as this article originally appeared in our publication. To read the original article please continue to the paragraph below.

It’s been confirmed; the rumor that Paul Walker faked his death is False. Well, that’s what you would believe if all you did was read the headlines recently.

Walker, late star of TV’s Fast and Furious, and his friend, Roger Rodas, died when their Porsche Carrera GT crashed and caught fire.

According to a website, Walker faked his death; and they posted photographic “evidence” showing exactly how the middle-aged star pulled it off.

The website,, started the rumor Friday and went viral almost immediately. While admittedly all of the site’s claims are fictional and made up by overactive imaginations, fans were not stopped from sharing the article and confirming it to their friends through Facebook shares and Tweets.

The site says: “They are all lying. Paul Walker didn’t die. Nor did Roger Rodas. They are both alive and well, and their relatives well know it.”

“It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up, that is the cover-up of faking the actor’s death,” it goes on to say.

The website even tries to pull Walker’s girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, into the hoax saying that she had a hand in his “fake death.”

The entire claim is 100 percent false. The crash which killed Walker and his friend was captured by multiple cameras and seen first hand by many witnesses.

Walker, 40, was identified as the passenger in the car driven by Rodas, 38. The report goes on to say that Rodas died from “multiple traumatic injuries” while Walker perished of “combined effects of thermal and traumatic injuries.”

Walker, known in Hollywood for his humanitarian efforts, was remembered by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, where she shared clips of some of Walkers visits to the set. Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide, is the beneficiary of a $10,000 donation from JC Penney; and the talk show host encouraged viewers to donate to Walker’s charity through the end of the year.

Deputies with the L.S. County Sheriff’s office say that speed was a factor in the single car crash, but the accident itself is still being investigated.  Video of Walker’s car on fire after the crash can be seen below.

Editors Note: Video Removed by YouTube

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36 Responses to Confirmed: Paul Walker Faked His Death Is False [Video] [UPDATE]

  1. michael September 1, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    He is alive. He ismfakimg it. He just wants a break. Y’all I’m he’s a alive

  2. Ray August 28, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    I think his here but…taken a break didn’t you hear wat dad say he wanted to take a break from the movie..if he faked his death he should know better..he be seen by ppl that gonna know him so no sense hiding..ALL this cover up won’t go if u. Knew. Everyone was mourning for your lost why didn’t. U come out n say hey I’m not dead but…I need. A break from movie for now or I gotta make time for my daughter n say my millions I need now cause I have my family’s here that needs my help that’s all…

  3. Joseph Edward August 25, 2014 at 2:05 am

    I don’t think he is dead, this is my theory about this; alright you already know about the movie makers get stunt actors who look like Paul walker and vin diesel right, this is what I was thinking about after a month he supposively died in a car accident, my theory for all this; either his brother or one of the people that look so similar to him drove his car and totalled it, and what I don’t understand from this is that Paul walker is a pro racer, he knows what to do in front of a wheel, this thing about him being dead is oddly strange because they are still making the movie ff7 after 1-2 weeks of waiting – plus they didn’t say anything about the movie being redone or anything, and other thing is that they said that justin Biever was going to be in the movie also. But that isn’t happening. It was a rumor started by Bieber fans, and I still believe that he is still alive and still finishing the movie.
    And other thing if he did die why hasn’t anyone posted the details about the car to see if it was tempered with to make a tragic accident.
    I say he’s still alive relaxing somewhere, and someone will find him eventually.

  4. marthinus July 19, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Poul walker is not dead he is stil elife is his friend not poul walker and i am a big fun of poul walker i know he wont sekervase hiss life for bullsit

  5. Taylor June 10, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Paul walker is dead movies take a while too make and wrap up and hour is not the last movie they delayed the making of fast and furious 7 because he died and they had to figure out a way to go around it or make him die in the movie all together.


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