Mick Jagger Former Girlfriends Attempted Suicide?

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger has allegedly had a history with the women he professes to love wanting to end their life suddenly. When a suicide has occurred, most want to dig a little deeper to get the answers to haunting questions. What drove a beautiful woman like L’Wren Scott with such creativity and vision to want to end it all without a goodbye? Many of her supporters wonder why L’Wren Scott, former model and famed fashion designer and long time girlfriend of 13 years to rock star Mick Jagger, believed she had no one to turn to. As Mick Jagger reportedly “stunned”, tries to let the fans know that he and L’Wren Scott had a beautiful life together as boyfriend and girlfriend, some are left confused trying to figure out why she took her own life. More importantly, many are questioning the reason behind two former girlfriends of Jagger allegedly attempting to take their lives as well.

It is no secret, Jagger has been known to love beautiful models. Rock stars are infamous for breaking millions of hearts. But every rock star eventually stumbles across a woman so strikingly beautiful capturing his heart, he has to claim her as “the one.” With so many women screaming, grabbing, and willing to sell their souls to idols on stage night after night, sometimes “the one” gets forgotten. Reported by the Washington Post, Jagger’s first public relationship was with top British model Chrissy Shrimpton. Allegedly Shrimpton could not emotionally handle Jagger’s appetite for other women causing Jagger to brutally end the relationship. Jagger reportedly discovered Shrimpton’s body in their London flat as she had overdosed on pills. Daily Mail reported Jagger’s management wanted to avoid any bad publicity for the rock star, so reportedly his management had Shrimpton taken to the hospital in a plain vehicle instead of by ambulance. Left penniless, the report goes on to state her parents came to claim her.

Marianne Faithfull, as reported in the Washington Post, met Jagger when she was just a teenager. Daughter to an Austrian baroness, Faithfull recorded a hit single that was a Rolling Stone cover As Tears Go By. Faithfull and Jagger were reportedly one of the most publicized hot, rock couples of the 60s. She was not only attractive and talented, but she was by Jagger’s side faithfully through a rough time of his life. Jagger and fellow band mate Keith Richards were imprisoned for drug possession in 1967 and Faithfull stood by her man. Being the girlfriend to Rolling Stone’s frontman eventually took a toll on Faithfull as she reportedly overdosed on 50 sleeping pills while accompanying Jagger in Australia. Like Chrissy Shrimpton, Jagger found her just in time. It is believed the emotional turmoil of the relationship lead Faithfull to using drugs and alcoholism. The relationship ended with Faithfull penniless with a drug addiction.

In 1971 Jagger was set to marry the exotic beauty Bianca Perez Mora Macias in the south of France. Bianca was reported stating the marriage ended the morning of her wedding day as Jagger allegedly was irate that his first blushing bride carrying his first-born refused to sign his pre-nup agreement before they were set to recite their vows before a star-studded guest list that included such legends as Paul McCartney. According to the Washington Post, the marriage ended in 1978. Bianca reportedly filed for divorce on grounds of adultery. The love affair Jagger was allegedly having during their marriage with model Jerry Hall is believed by many to be the reason Bianca was emotionally distraught. Jagger’s attorneys went to work assuring Bianca would only walk away with $1 million and not a penny more. Bianca did not attempt to end her life, however like former girlfriends Shrimpton and Faithfull. Instead she raised their daughter Jade and moved on becoming a respected human rights activist for her native country Nicaragua.

The beautiful Jerry Hall, according to the Washington Post, was the muse behind the Rolling Stones hit record Miss You. She gave birth to two of Jagger’s children before he decided to marry Hall in 1990 in Bali. Hall and Jagger had two more children before Hall ended their union in 1999 based on Jagger’s alleged relationship with another model. A native Texan, Hall raised their four children in England. When Jagger’s spokesmen were asked recently about a battle with Hall over the deed to the house she raised their children in, the spokesmen responded it was confidential.

Jerry Hall was Jagger’s last official bride. Jagger has taken on many lovers in his lifetime. Nicknamed the “forever adolescent”, Jagger now a great-grandfather at the age 70, many thought L’Wren Scott would be the one he would finally settle down to grow old with. Tragically Scott was found dead Monday morning from an apparent suicide. Her assistant discovered her body hanging from a door knob in her New York apartment. Scott, 49, successful in her own right had built a fashion business designing for A-List celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, MaDonna, the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and the list continues. Her business took a turn in the economy over the past several years putting Scott over $7 million in debt to her creditors, suppliers, and staff.

Much of the public believes it was financial ruin that possibly lead Scott feeling hopeless while others are still trying to make sense of how a 13 year union with rock legend Mick Jagger who is reported to be worth over $300 million would kill herself over being in debt. Jagger, quickly within 24 hours, while “stunned” and “devastated” over Scott’s death, denied allegations that he had, indeed, brutally broken up with Scott. According to CNN, Jagger said he and Scott had a great life together. However, the question still looms over much of the public; why did this amazing woman feel she had no one to turn to for financial help and/or emotional help?

As with most suicides, loved ones are left without answers and a hole in their soul wishing they could have been there or recognized the cries for help. Jagger is one who wishes he had been there for his girlfriend Monday morning. He was able to arrive just in time for his former girlfriends (Chrissy Shrimpton and Marianne Faithfull) before they could allegedly end their own lives. L’Wren Scott had no one to arrive in the nick of time to rescue her from sinking. Her supporters can only hope that whatever consumed her heart Monday morning is at peace now. Mick Jagger, the “forever adolescent”, is reported to be struggling painfully with what happened. Seeing as how he is no stranger to girlfriends wanting to end their lives for reasons unknown, maybe Jagger has figured out the answers or developed some wisdom about the depths of the heart of a woman whether she is a teenager like Marianna Faithfull was or a 49-year-old like L’Wren Scott. Many women have had to deal with a cold, cheating boyfriend or husband repeatedly, being in long-term relationships making sacrifices waiting for him to propose, giving up ever having children, and/or dealt with massive financial debt. Some women overcome these painful challenges while others feel defeated by them. As much as the public is eager to hear from Jagger why he believes Scott committed suicide and why former girlfriends attempted suicide, Jagger is a smart business man and definitely no stranger to a PR machine. The public will just have to accept that L’Wren Scott’s suicide will tragically never make sense and will possibly remain a mystery to everyone…including Mick Jagger.

Editorial By Meleika Gardner

Washington Post
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8 Responses to "Mick Jagger Former Girlfriends Attempted Suicide?"

  1. Tav Scott   April 22, 2014 at 10:25 am

    I thought the statement he issued that many have called “poignant” or “touching” was a little strange and lacking emotion – it did not mention the word “love”!? And he “will never forget her” – I would hope not!

  2. Derek Sanderson   March 24, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Who cares if he is a fabulous businessman!? I know for a fact he is not a good person as I was a member of his staff!

  3. janet sa   March 22, 2014 at 1:35 am

    He has no duty to love her.

  4. elizabennett   March 21, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    oh, it isn’t a mystery to Sir Himself. he knows why, very, very well. the “struggle to understand” is his PR investment being put to good use. does that mean he’s “responsible” for this event? no. does it mean he’s a sh**heel of the highest rank? yep.

  5. Linda Thomas   March 21, 2014 at 3:51 am

    L’Wren knew when she met him that he wasn’t the marrying kind. He made that clear in countless interviews while they were together. She was obviously unstable, as talented perfectionists often are. She hadn’t been eating. She dreaded turning 50 in the next month. She longed for maximum fame, and she has achieved it. Chrissie and Marianne were young and emotionally immature, you will learn if you read their accounts of the 1960’s.

  6. fwjoy   March 20, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    When someone decides to commit suicide, that is their decision and the responsibility of that action resides within them. They are the ones that have to answer for that decision whatever their reasons. Whatever hell they are experiencing on earth, they don’t feel they can handle it any longer. Hopefully those who find themselves in that situation can find ways to reach out for help to others and have enough faith to find a path of hope. Faith in one’s self is the beginning. Once you have faith in yourself, you have faith in your choices and decisions as well. You can then have better control over your own reality. I wish those that consider suicide could realize how much pain it causes for others. I wish they could realize that there’s always a better and different solution to their pain. I wish they could understand how much they are really cared about and that there is help available on all levels. Sometimes the answer is right there in front of their faces or maybe it’s from the least likely source. Faith is the key! Maintaining faith no matter what is also key! I think the point here is that here was a brilliant and talented woman who somewhere along the line lost her way. She lost faith. She was reaching a certain age and her livelihood was in trouble and her relationship of thirteen years was probably not what she hoped and dreamed of. She hung in there for as long as she could. I wish she could have seen beyond her circumstances. I wish she could have realized her value. Faith carries you beyond the obvious. And as far as Mick Jagger goes, being a rock star does not excuse a man from being sensitive on a human level. If by the age of seventy, and I’m sure hundreds of women later, he has not found one that he could trust is pretty sad as well. No matter what the dedication, no matter how many children were born, the women in the life of Jagger never seemed to measure up in his eyes. That’s a lesson in life he’ll have to deal with one day. Most rock stars don’t make good husbands and most of their relationships know that. He may be an iconic rock star and an extraordinary businessman, but was he a caring friend? The article is not blaming Jagger for this suicide or the previous suicide attempts in his relationships, but at this point, I think that what this article is saying is maybe Mick Jagger could use a little soul searching before he takes on another conquest at the ripe young age of seventy! At the end of the day, I hope he has more to his credits than being an iconic rock star with great business sense and 300 million dollars in the bank. I hope at this point, he could be found to have a heart as well.

  7. julia_in_oceania   March 20, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    It seems that Mick Jagger has a penchant for emotionally unstable women, and he is responsible for that. What he isn’t responsible for is the suicide or the attempted suicides of any of his lovers. The above post denies that she is holding him accountable for their instability,but only in the very last couple of lines.

    Many of us have had cheating insensitive men in our lives… we don’t kill ourselves over them

  8. Sally Brandon   March 20, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Like any rock start or idol it’s difficult to have a relationship. Even at 70 Jagger still has a charisma and would have hundreds of girls fall to his feet. The pure insanity of it all for these idols, No privacy, no trust and then at 70 doing a tour. People don’t realize the shear emotional and physical stress on the band, tour members and the relationships around them. I dated a famous idol for 7 years and believe me it’s all smoke and mirrors. Jagger is a fabulous businessman but most likely learned the hard way of who he could and couldn’t trust – leaves you a little harsher and probably didn’t want to attempt another failed marriage. if his GF was smart she would have known that marriage was out and she probably felt that she could deal with her financial situation herself. I bet if Jagger had known he would have helped but she didn’t want to be a burden to him like his previous relationships. I am so sad for everyone but don’t bring up his past, his crazy x-girlfriends are no reflection on the sharp businessman and grandfather he now is.

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