Weight Loss Mistakes That Cause People to Plateau

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Many people who struggle with weight loss plateaus may find that common mistakes are the cause. It does not matter how long someone spends on the treadmill, or how many food groups are cut from the diet. Making these mistakes will make losing weight much harder, and is more likely to lead to falling off the wagon and gaining the weight back (and more).

One of the biggest mistakes is actually not eating enough of the right types of food. Too many diets cut out essential food groups, including carbohydrates and fats. The body needs the minerals and vitamins that come from different types of foods, including potatoes and olive oil. If it fails to gain these minerals, the metabolism can slow down. The metabolism affects the rate of calories being burned. When the number of calories being burned slowed down, the body stores them and that leads to weight gain.

Having high blood sugar levels causes a problem too. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose, leading to blood sugar increasing. This leads to hormone imbalances, which can affect the metabolic rate. Like not getting enough minerals and vitamins, slowing down the metabolic rate means more calories are stored by the body, and weight is gained. The change in hormones can also affect the mood, which could lead to eating more without realizing.

Another common weight loss mistake that causes people to plateau is not eating enough. Exercise increases the metabolic rate, which should lead to more calories being burned. However, if the body does not get enough food to fuel the rate, the change will not be as expected. Even without exercise, it is possible to put the body into starvation mode. The body clings onto the calories, believing that it will not get enough later. However, people do give the body the calories needed, so that leads to excess calories.

Not drinking enough water can also make it weight loss difficult. One problem is that water suppresses the appetite to stop someone eating too much. However, it is also needed to proper kidney function. Without that, the liver has to do more work and the body starts storing more calories. Water is also needed to help with the digestive system, and those who are dehydrated could find moving their bowels difficult.

There is the chance that not enough exercise is taking place. As the amount of fat and muscle decreases, the amount of calories being burned decreases. To see the same amount of calories burned on a daily basis, the amount of activity and exercise needs to increase too. This is also beneficial since it prevents someone getting bored of their workouts, and will prevent the body simply getting used to it and not seeing any muscle-building benefit.

Trying to find a balance is important for those trying to lose weight. When it comes to plateaus, there is always the fear that there will be a weight gain one week. However, that could be needed to help start losing weight again. The weight loss mistakes above are those most common that cause people to struggle with a plateau during their journey.

By Alexandria Ingham


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