Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 4: Only Mama Knows [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Only Mama Knows, the fourth episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s 11th season, finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Ellis Grey was brought back, and the two half-sisters found out the events that led to the birth of Maggie Pierce.

One thing the episode did was show why Meredith is the way she is, and not just from her own perspective. The viewers had the chance to see it from various characters’ perspectives, including her mothers.

The Grey’s Anatomy episode all started with a tape of Ellis Grey’s speech after being published in the Journal of American Medicine. It was at a time when she was the only female in the surgical program and she had the nerve to name a method after herself. It was not the done thing at the time, but Meredith was proud of her mother for this.

Really, it was a trip down memory lane, and a reminder of who her mother really was. Meredith’s memories of her mother are clouded in negativity and the feeling of being “ordinary.” However, she was a great surgeon. There is also the fact that memories have mixed together. Meredith starts to realize that the events of her mother killing herself and giving birth of Maggie were two separate events that she sort of mixed together over time.

The fourth episode, Only Mama Knows, of the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy tells the story of Richard and Ellis in flashbacks. It is not the first time the show has done a series of flashbacks, and often helps to tell the story better. The audience finds out that the one thing that brought an end of Ellis’ relationship with Richard was her nomination for the Harper Avery Award. This was her first nomination and the first time a resident gained a nomination.

However, it was not just all about Richard and Ellis’ younger lives. The series used flashbacks for the previous 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. It helped viewers remember some of the more subtle moments, as well as see the story told in a different way. There was the chance to relive favorite moments, and see just how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Derek also finally finds out about who Maggie really is in this episode, and she gets the welcome that she has craved for this entire time. She gets the hug and the feeling of being wanted. Derek also admits that Meredith is terrible with sisters, which is surely something Amelia could agree to. It took time for Meredith and Amelia to get along. It is just a shame that Lexie is no longer around to explain just how long it took Meredith to accept her!

Meredith and Maggie finally get the moment that many Grey’s Anatomyfans have been waiting for. Meredith shows Maggie the journal from the spring of 1983, which goes from wine-stained pages to lists of food that Ellis ate. Maggie realizes that her biological mother did care, even if she gave her up for adoption in the end.

Finally, for Alex Karev fans, the episode had some good news for him. Karev found out in Only Mama Knows, the fourth episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 11, that he is taking over Arizona’s position now that she is doing her new fellowship. He will be back in the hospital.

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