Dean McDermott Visits Adult Store While Wife Tori Remains Hospitalized

Canadian actor Dean McDermott was photographed exiting an adult store while wife Tori Spelling (his co-star in Lifetime reality show True Tori) remains hospitalized due to an alleged nervous breakdown. The man was seen exiting said venue on Tuesday, October 28th. It is not yet known why he was visiting the shop or if he was there to buy a gift for himself or his wife, although he was spotted leaving the premises with a bag.

The 47-year-old has received much public scrutiny for setting foot in the Encino, California-based store. Given that 41-year-old wife Tori has been in the hospital since last week, many feel that it is an extremely insensitive move to visit such a store and seemingly continue in his past ways. The Toronto native has publicly admitted to cheating on his wife of eight years, with no less than five different women. It is for this reason that much of the public has speculated his reason for entering the store is in relation to his not-so-secret sex addiction problems, which he has excused has being the result of alcohol addiction. Indeed, McDermott has excused his adultery in several ways; he has given the reasons that his wife is not particularly skilled in the bedroom and that he is not the first man to make such a decision in terms of faithfulness, so therefore he should not be held accountable. He has also said that his reason for straying from his marriage did not entirely relate to his feelings towards spellings, but rather towards how he viewed himself in terms of attractiveness and physical quality.

Many of McDermott’s fans have brought up the argument that he is not necessarily purchasing inappropriate gifts for himself in the wake of his wife’s current hospitalization, but possibly buying her or both of them a gift in order to spark up what is left of their crumbling marriage. While some believe this is a possibility, the man has been subject to even more disapproval due to the fact that much of the public does not feel that it is appropriate to bring up such an issue given McDermott’s wife’s physical state. Even if the gift is for the two of them to enjoy or simply just an exotic clothing gift for the Los Angeles native herself, it is much agreed upon that now is not the time for such accessories, and that the woman’s husband should really be focusing on his wife’s health rather than his own physical needs. McDermott is said to have not paid his wife even a single visit, something she has since taken to social media in order to express her discontent over.

The snapshots of McDermott entering said adult store come just a few days after sources close to Spelling gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which they detailed their concern for the reality television actress. Said sources provided information in which they expressed their worry that Spelling had hit an alarmingly low point in her life, due both to martial difficulty and her self-proclaimed peak in television success. Her friends and loved ones even went so far as to say that the woman attempted to garner new attention to the point that she made herself sick, exploiting the popularity current Ebola scare among United States and rest of the world.

It remains to be seen why Dean McDermott was present at said adult store and what he ended up purchasing during his reported 10 minute browsing session. Neither he nor wife Tori has since given any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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