Jordin Sparks Rips Ex BF Jason Derulo in Emotional New Song [Video]

Former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks recently put her ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo on blast, ripping him in a one of her upcoming new songs. The song, entitled How Bout Now (Remix) is actually a song written by Canadian rapper Drake, reworked by the Idol star in order to express her feelings surrounding the end of her relationship with the Talk Dirty singer. It will be featured on a mix-tape created by sparks called #ByeFelicia.

The track details the 24-year-old’s discontent at the way in which the pair’s union fell apart, and her view that she gave up a lot for Derulo only to be subsequently humiliated and left behind. She makes references to several life changes she made in order to please the R&B star, such as deleting numbers from any other male associates she used to have from her cellular device. Sparks also expresses her bitterness over the time that the 25-year-old suffered a severe neck injury, and subsequently had to be cared for night and day by her, as he was unable to wash himself or conduct other regularly daily activities in a substantial manner. The Arizona native went on to voice her concern that Derulo probably did not remember even half of her efforts that she had gone through during their relationship.

She attributes the beginning of their relationship troubles to that of his upsurge in fame and popularity, which she claims made the singer’s ego inflate and subsequently act like he could do better in terms of companionship. This new-found self-adoration reportedly led to Derulo’s personality changing for the worse, resulting in him beginning to accuse his girlfriend of only wanting to be with him for his stardom and to be associated with the name he had made for himself over the years. The following lyrics in the song voiced Spark’s extremely discontent regarding her boyfriend’s views of her intentions, stating that she could not believe the manner in which his affection had turned and his paranoia increased.

The post-breakup spats between the two have been less than pretty. While they both originally stated that there was no animosity whatsoever, this ideal situation quickly revealed itself as being not so true. Speculation and rumors quickly began to fly that there was possible infidelity on Derulo’s part, something that neither one of them have actually flat-out denied. Sparks was soon accused of pushing marriage on her partner, this claim made by Derulo himself when pressured by the media to give details surrounding the reason behind their split. He gave the statement that although he had an intent to propose to the singer at some point in the near future, and had made these intentions clear through his song Marry You, Sparks was unwilling to wait. He says that she pressed the issue to the point that he did not feel any urge to engage in matrimony whatsoever, and as such the pair decided to go their separate ways.

It remains to be seen how Jason Derulo feels regarding ex-girlfriend Jordan Spark’s recent diss towards him via one of her most recent tracks. The singer has yet to give any comment on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Jyle Dupis – Flickr License