June Shannon Will Not Receive Full Payment for Axed Season of HCHBB

Former reality television star June Shannon will reportedly not be paid in full regarding the finished but ultimately axed fifth season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but her children and ex partner will receive every cent of what they are owed, as well as her ex’s brother. TLC reportedly chose not to entirely pay out the 35-year-old because they viewed her to be at fault for both the show’s cancellation as well as the potential upset of the children’s welfare.

Network honchos have been extremely outspoken regarding their view that the HCHBB matriarchal figure is most certainly putting her children at risk via her association with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, whom she is rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with. This is said to be why they gave the woman’s four children a complete salary compensation, as they want to make sure that Shannon’s girls are as well taken care of in light of the family’s recent uprooting from the life they knew. TLC executives have made it clear from the start that the daughters will not be forgotten about just because the plug was pulled on the family’s reality television show, and that they were fully willing to pay for any counselling or tutoring the children would need following the events that recently unfolded. After Shannon’s eldest daughter Anna Cardwell revealed that she was the one that had been molested by McDaniel at the age of just eight, the network immediately reached out to the 20-year-old and offered to provide any services she may need in order to cope with both her past violation and the fact that her mother had rekindled at the very least a renewed friendship with the man.

The news that everyone except Shannon will be fully paid out for their six months of production work will most certainly come as a relief to Mike and Lee Thompson, the show’s patriarch and his brother, who it was just yesterday revealed were extremely worried that they would end up penniless as a result of their former co-star’s actions. The father, better known as Sugar Bear, was exceedingly concerned that he would end up homeless if he did not receive adequate compensation for the final season of the show. He is currently residing with a friend after his ex requested he take his leave from the family home following their separation back in September, and the 42-year-old says that the allowance the woman has been giving him since their split is nowhere near enough for him to make ends meet. Indeed, the man’s current lack of stable residence is reportedly the primary reason why he did not seek full custody of the pair’s nine-year-old daughter Alana, who Shannon was photographed putting in the company of said child molester, something that Thompson says he is extremely wary of and subsequently makes regular check-ups to her at the family’s home in McIntyre.

June Shannon’s feelings towards the fact that she will not be receiving full payment for her last few months work on HCHBB are, as of yet, unknown. The mother of four has yet to give any public statement on the matter, and she still remains adamant that she is not involved with Mark McDaniel in any way.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
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