Las Vegas Strip Clubs Warned to Block Floyd Mayweather From Venues

Authorities of strip clubs in the Las Vegas have been warned by authorities to block professional boxer Floyd Mayweather from entering their establishments, as they say he has exhibited inappropriate and sometimes abusive behavior towards their dancers in the past. The currently undefeated champion and his representatives, however, say that such allegations are nonsense and that he has been involved in no such conduct.

The LVMPD (Las Vegas Metro Police Department) have reportedly contacted several exotic dance venues in Las Vegas in order to inform them of Mayweather’s alleged wrongdoings surrounding dancers, which they say are quite serious and therefore can only be prevented by blocking the man from entering the premises by all means necessary.

A law enforcement source told popular gossip website TMZ that the 37-year-old has earned a reputation for entering said venues and thinking he can act however he wants based on his fame, saying that he pulls the celebrity card on a regular basis when asked to account for his inappropriate actions. They say that the boxer and his crew have manhandled female dancers on multiple occasions, despite being warned repeatedly to not touch the girls under any circumstances. Mayweather and his crew say that the man has never broken any rule whatsoever at the clubs, particularly regarding to harassing said dancers, and that he is baffled as to why the LVMPD is spreading word of the contrary.

The aforementioned police department’s warnings are said to be going unheeded by Las Vegas strip club authorities, who say that they will continue to let Mayweather visit their establishments as much as they want. Various venue honchos have given the statement that they have never witnessed the Michigan native exhibit any kind of unacceptable conduct, and therefore he will not face any kind of ban or monitoring when it comes to him wanting to enter said exotic nightclubs. He is also said to be an extremely charitable customer, sometimes dropping up to $100,000 in cash during just one visit to any given venue.

Mayweather has certainly been receiving his fair share of media attention in the past few weeks. In mid-October, a video surfaced detailing the man’s friendly boxing match with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, which was said to have been arranged in order for the 20-year-old to brush up his boxing skills and gather new training techniques. Bieber documented the event, posting almost all of it via video to his Shots page, where he appeared both shirtless and in shorts. The training went down at the infamous Ten Goose boxing gymnasium located in Van Nuys, California, where multiple legendary boxing champs are said to have received their training prior to making it big on the sports scene. Bieber’s reason for wanting to receive said training has yet to be revealed, although he is said to be an avid boxing fan.

It remains to be seen whether or not Las Vegas strip clubs will heed the LVMPD’s warnings to no longer allow Floyd Mayweather into their establishments. For the time being, however, club authorities say that they will continue to welcome the man into their venues whenever he wishes.

By Rebecca Grace

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