Iggy Azalea Dresses up as ‘White Chicks’ Character for Halloween

Iggy Azalea Dresses up as 'White Chicks' Character for Halloween

Rapper Iggy Azalea spent her Halloween dressed as one of the character’s from the popular comedy White Chicks, which features two black men attempting to disguise themselves as white females. The move was particularly newsworthy as fellow rap artist Snoop Dogg recently attacked Azalea’s appearance by posting a composite photograph of the 24-year-old next to one of the character’s from said film, something that the Australian was extremely offended by and subsequently set off an extended chain of events regarding their already sparked feud with each other.

The Mullumbimby native went clubbing with one of her close friends on Halloween night, with her friend dressed as the other title character from the film. They reportedly danced the night away with no worries whatsoever, showing that Azalea has apparently gotten over her beef surrounding Dogg’s comparison of her to the movie character, which was played by popular actor-producer-screenwriter Marlon Wayans of the infamous Wayans brothers (the other brother played the alternate character in the aforementioned film.)

The aforementioned incident regarding the composite photograph was not an isolated one, and this is most likely why Azalea was set off by the photograph rather than simply brushing it off in the first place. The jab came a few days after Dogg had started the aforementioned feud, when he posted a picture of an albino woman and said that this was how Iggy Azalea looked without makeup. The Black Widow singer shot back almost immediately, posting a Twitter update stating that she was extremely disappointed in the 43-year-old’s behavior and that she was baffled at why he would hurt her feelings for no apparent reason. Her comments were responded to by Tha Dogg Pound member Daz Dallinger, who accused Azalea of not knowing her place in the rap world and starting beef with someone who was so high up the hierarchical ladder that she had absolutely no right.

The Gin & Juice rapper echoed Dallinger’s statement by posting a secondary composite, this time comparing Azalea to said White Chicks character. This time, however, the Australian fought back and retorted with a picture of Dogg himself, with the caption that he looked in the same manner as someone’s aunt that had just recent stopped using drugs on a regular basis. It was at this point that the conflict escalated to breaking point, with Snoop subsequently uploading a video where he warned his rival rapper to back off if she knew what was good for her. One day later, however, he uploaded something of an apology video and stated that he was calling a kind of truce in the pair’s social media feud, and said he was sorry for the comments he had made. It was later revealed that fellow rapper T.I., who is also Azalea’s manager, was the mediator behind the truce and instructed Dogg to make amends with his client.

It remains to be seen how Snoop Dogg feels regarding Iggy Azalea’s Halloween costume poking fun at one of his jab’s surrounding her appearance. The rapper has yet to make any statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Laura Murray – Flickr License

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    T.i gangsta like that . And i luvvv iggy u go girl

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