Stephen Collins’ Divorce Lawyer Arrested for DUI

The divorce lawyer of disgraced actor Stephen Collins has been arrested for driving under the influence yesterday night. The incident occurred in California, on Los Angeles’ infamous Sunset Strip.

Just before midnight, authorities took notice of Mark Vincent Kaplan’s suspicious behavior while he was operating his vehicle, and instructed him to pull over in order to allow them further investigation of the circumstances. Upon examining the celebrity lawyer closer, police became aware that he was under the influence of some kind of intoxication and thus instructed him to remove himself from the vehicle to engage in a standard field sobriety test. Kaplan proceeded to fail all of the steps initiated towards him to determine his level of said intoxication, and was subsequently taken to the substation of the West Hollywood Sheriff and booked for the aforementioned DUI charge. He was cited at the location and then released without further issues.

Kaplan has been representing Collins as his divorce lawyer since the proceedings began, with the official court hearing having begun on November 12. His argument in terms of winning his client’s case lies with his claim that Faye Grant, the actor’s soon-to-be ex-wife, is doing everything she can to extort Collins and pull dime after dime out of him, all of this leading up to the explosive leakage of the now infamous taped molestation confession. Grant secretly recorded her husband’s words while the two were visiting a therapist back in 2012, and both he as well as his lawyer claim that the woman spent two years holding the media clip over his head in order to get him to do her bidding financially. They say that the former 7th Heaven star’s unwillingness to pay the woman more than she was legally entitled to at the end of their marriage led to Grant taking things to the extreme and subsequently sending the footage to TMZ, something the 57-year-old remains adamant is simply untrue. The trial itself has since been delayed until January, after the lawyer hired by Grant quit over an alleged disagreement over fees.

While there is not yet any proof leading towards the confirmation of Collins’ and Kaplan’s allegations, it is a widely known fact that the pair’s divorce most definitely got ugly over money. Grant was extremely upset and bitter over the fact that the marriage ending meant she no longer had access to steady income, something she in turn blamed on her ex-husband himself. She gave the reasoning that if it were not for her decision to marry him and stay at home to raise their child, she would still be receiving significant earnings from her own work in the film and television industry. She therefore believed that she was entitled not only to half of the actor’s worth from the time of their marriage, but also a cut of any future earnings Collins brought in from any gigs he may book. This idea, however, ended up being not even the most minute possibility as a result of the tape being leaked. The 67-year-old was almost instantly dropped from all upcoming acting performances, especially after his agent decided to cut all ties with him as well.

It remains to be seen how or even if Mark Vincent Kaplan’s recent arrest for DUI will affect the divorce proceedings of self-professed child molester Stephen Collins. More information on the matter has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Louise Palanker – Flickr License

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