Supernatural Season 10 Winter Hiatus Bringing Back Demon Dean?


Demon Dean may be coming back in time for the Supernatural season 10 winter hiatus. If he does not come back, there certainly seems like there will be some hints towards it for the second half of the season. The winter hiatus will air on the CW on Tuesday December 9, and is titled The Things We Left Behind.

Fans of the show have been disappointed so far. Season 10 of Supernatural was promised to be the year of the Deanmon. The end of season nine saw Dean killed by Metatron, only to be reborn as a demon. This is not about a demon taking over Dean’s body, but about Dean actually being that demon. It took three episodes for Sam to find his brother and cure him.

While fans were disappointed, it seems that the writers never forgot about the Mark of Cain. By episode six, Dean had finally killed again, and he was certainly not himself during it. The Mark of Cain is still threatening to turn him into something he does not want to be. Or it could be that the demon inside him is still there, deep down. As a Knight of Hell, he may just repressed his demon side, rather than being cured of it.

SupernaturalThere are a number of hints that Demon Dean will be brought back some time during the Supernatural season 10 winter hiatus. The question is when it will happen. It would certainly have people intrigued if it happened right at the last second.

The question is whether fans accept the unspoken apology for it not quite being the year of the Deanmon after all. Is this too little too late for those who were so excited about seeing Demon Dean for at least half of the season?

According to the synopsis, Claire Novak is making a reappearance. She is the daughter of Castiel’s vessel, and has been in a group home. She will escape and it is up to the Winchesters to get her back on the right path. At the same time, Dean is to make a decision about the Mark of Cain. Will he decide to get rid of it, or will he decide to take it on fully? Is there even a way to get rid of it without passing it onto someone else?

Episode nine is apparently going to be an “odd” episode, according to Supernatural director Guy Norman Bee. However, that is supposed to be a good thing. Bee directed Devil May Care and Stairway to Heaven, so is known for his more memorable episodes, so it would make sense for this one to follow suit.

At the same time, the episode is expected to bring up memories of the past again. Many fans enjoy these brotherly moments, especially when they get to hear mentions of the boys’ father, John. It seems like a bittersweet moment if Dean really does give into his demonic nature. Many will be excited to hear that Demon Dean may be brought back for the Supernatural season 10 winter hiatus.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham