Iggy Azalea Threatened by Hacker Group Anonymous

Rap superstar Iggy Azalea has recently become the subject of quite serious threatens towards her, via legendary hacker group Anonymous. The threats in question are in regards to a bitter feud between the 24-year-old and fellow rapper Azealia Banks, one which has exploded into a battle of epic proportions over the last week.

Anonymous has very clearly taken the side of Banks, demanding that her rival issue an apology forthwith or be subsequently faced to less than desirable consequences as a result. The threat was issued over Twitter, the same platform on which Azalea and her nemesis have been exchanging heated comments back and forth over the past while. The group’s Twitter handle has since been suspended due to the fear and aggression they instill over those they deem as being a problem in society, something that executives of the site frown upon and do their best to stamp out in order to keep the peace between users and within the networking platform overall. While the tweet in question did not give a time limit or deadline for Azalea’s response or admission to said threat, the group made it abundantly clear that she was to give in to their demands ASAP or face their wrath.

The consequence in question is said to lie with the Mullumbimby native’s alleged sex tape, said to have been recorded with her ex-boyfriend and manager Hefe Wine (with whom she is currently experiencing a myriad of other legal and physical conflicts with as of the past few months.) The hackers say that if Azalea does not comply with their wishes immediately, they will release photograph stills of the media clip onto the internet and humiliate her accordingly for her actions and words against Banks. This threat was launched following the Australian being adamant that she would throw down the legal gauntlet towards anybody that even attempted the release of said recording, as she did not want any trace of it to ever hit the Internet in any form whatsoever.

She claimed that Wine tricked her into giving permission for the releasing of the tape through a botched managerial contract, in which he got her to sign away the rights to her image and production entirely. He also went on to further claim that the pair had been married and therefore he was entitled to half of her earnings since they had been together, something she flat-out scoffed at and said was the most ridiculous accusation as the two had never come anywhere near close to be involved in any such union.

Azalea also says she is frightened that Wine will physically abuse her if she returns to Texas as per his wish, and has asked a judge to block the man’s attempts to move his legal case against her back to the aforementioned state because of said fear that he will subject her to violence should they be in the same vicinity. A ruling on the matter has not yet been reached.

It is not yet known whether or not Iggy Azalea will comply with hacker group Anonymous’s demand for her to apologize to Azealia Banks in regards to their recent social media feud. The Australian rapper has yet to given any response either directly to the group or through her representatives.

By Rebecca Grace

The A.V. Club
Huffington Post
Photo by Disney/ABC Television Group – Flickr License

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