Apple May Reveal MacBook Pro Updates at June Conference

MacBook Pro

Apple’s World Wide Development Conference (WWDC), taking place June 8-12, has techs buzzing about Apple’s new products that will be shared. The company is said to reveal the latest updates for the 2015 MacBook Pro that may be released at the conference. Reliable sources have recently revealed to french tech sites that new iMacs and the most recent MacBook Pro will be displayed for Mac fans, to get an idea of what the new products will look like throughout the rest of the of the weeks in May. Little information has been released about the tech and upgrades, but according to MacRumors and MacGeneration the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s have recently began to undergo new updates.

The WWDC will take place at the usual location, Moscone West in San Francisco, CA. It will begin with its usual announcements which sets the conference up for the remainder of the week. Mac fans are accustomed to the new features of OS X and iOS,  Apple presents each year at the conference, and have told sources they are hoping for something new at this year’s event. According to MacRumors they believe this year’s event will be somewhat similar to last year, but will focus more on the features of the Apple TV’s third-party apps and its renovated set-top box.

According to USA Today the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s have received the same updates which includes a retina display, Intel Core Processors, enhanced graphics, and a Force Touch trackpad, which detects the amount of pressure you apply to the surface, which leads to different outcomes. Mac fans believe Apple may reveal more MacBook Pro updates at the June conference.

The fall of 2015 fans are expecting Apple to launch  iOS 9 and OSX 10.11. Sources say there is little information about how the new operating systems will work for Macs, but techs believe it will be similar to the Snow Leopard update, which focused on optimization and stability, rather than app updates and design. The $1,999 MacBook Pro, now has distinctive graphics which is expected by Apple to be 80 percent faster than previous MacBooks. Apple also told reporters that the flash storage is twice as fast as any other generation of Macs.

MacWorld has pointed out many changes that have happened with the Mac that are better for users. For example the new 15-inch laptop has a better battery life, which allows the computer to last one hour longer than the previous MacBook Pros, giving web browsing nine hours of surfing rather than the normal eight. Its base model is now Intel core i7, with a 2.2 GHz quad-core, and turbo boost of 3.4 GHz, and 16GB of RAM. The graphics are what sells the new 15-inch, since it comes with Intel Iris Pro Graphics accompanied by AMD Radeon R9 graphics processing unit (GPU), in addition to GDDR5 memory of 2GB. However, techs believe Apple is revealing a newly updated 2015 Mac at the conference, due to Mac fans seeing an increase as the weeks get closer to the dates of the conference, in the shipping times of the 2015, 15-inch, MacBook Pro model.

There is a $700 price difference between the 13-inch and 15-inch, however the two have many similarities and differences. Tech Times has done a comparison of the two, and came to the conclusion that there are only a few things that makes the two different from one another. The 13-inch lasts longer with a range of 10-12 hours, rather than the nine-hour, time-frame of the 15-inch. Another difference to consider is the 13-inch comes with a 6100 card by Intel Iris Graphics, while the 15-inch gives the customer an option to choose different card sizes. The 13-inch runs for $1,299, and the 15-inch is $1,999. Mac fans believe Apple has more updates to reveal at the June conference referring to the MacBook Pro.

By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo Courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano – Creative Commons License


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