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Tebow vs. Sanchez – Round One?

by Art Stevens

I wrote last week about the magic of Jeremy Lin in the NBA. Well, I guess you could call the Tim Tebow story that took place this past football season, the NFL equivalent.This is a charismatic young man of 24… very likable… a person with a great attitude who seems to find great strength in his faith; so much so, that his religious demonstrations on the field have become familiar and talked about by every media outlet; so much so, that the ‘Global Language Monitor’ now acknowledges the word”tebowing” (taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest) as part of the English language.

Tim was born in the Philippines, and still goes back there to preach the Christian gospel to schools and villages. He gained a scholarship to the University of Florida; won 2NCAA National Football championships; won the Heisman Trophy in 2007; and was a 1st round draft pick (of the Denver Broncos) in 2010.

Why didn’t Denver keep him as the back-up QB? Think of what he could learn by playing behind Peyton Manning! I think the issue goes beyond JUST money. I think most NFLteams feel the same. Look at some of his stats:

Completion Pct.————–34th

Passing Yardage————32nd


Quarterback Rating———28th

Rushing Yardage————2nd

His numbers are not very good, but he sure makes up for at least part of his passing problem with his running ability. If YOU were an NFL owner, and you did not have anestablished quarterback; and taking into consideration the Tebow name value for your gate, jersey sales, etc.; never forgetting (despite the stats) what he did ON THE FIELD in2012, would YOU take a chance on him?  I guess the Jets ownership decided they would, giving the Broncos 4th and 6th draft picks in-return.

Now let’s look at the situation that has been created by this move from a completely different view.  Here are some of my thoughts (which possibly Mark Sanchez may have aswell) from his vantage point under the bus:

1- Tebow comes in with more fan recognition than Mark, partly because of his beliefs. Fans will be clamoring to see him on the field. Can you imagine when Sanchez throws his first interception– the fans chanting “WE WANT TEBOW! WE WANT TEBOW!” I can. Mark Sanchez does not deserve that.

2- Is Tim himself, going to be satisfied with being the back-up quarterback? If not, Mark (and the team) will have still MORE problems.

3- For a small-market venue (like Jacksonville), this move would make a lot more sense. Their concern would not have been about what he does on the field. He would give them instant ticket and merchandise sales. A win-win situation for them.

4- To win in the NFL, you MUST throw the football. At least until now, Tim has shown he can throw a decent long ball, but has NOT shown that he has the touch andprecision for an all-around game.

5- There is already talk of using Tim to run the Wildcat (similar to the old single-wing.) Possible? Sure. But folks, in my opinion, the Wildcat has run its course in the NFL. Ithink it has just about been rendered obsolete.

6- It turns out that the attitude in the Jets’ locker room last year was a mess. From everything I hear, Coach Ryan didn’t even know what was happening in there. I guess hewas too busy checking on Jets’ Super Bowl tickets.

I have nothing but respect for Tim Tebow.  All he is trying to do is to make it in the NFL, and that is admirable.  Mark Sanchez on the other hand, has played in the NFL for 3years, and the Jets have rewarded him with a new multi-year contract. I think he should be able to play without having to look over his shoulder constantly, and without all of thisadded anxiety.