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The Progressive Movement: A Libertarian’s Opinion

by Randy Rose

A lot of people are confused about the Progressives and how they are related to Democrats and Republicans. The fact is, many people think that Progressive and Liberal are the same but they are wrong about that. Most Progressives are in the Democratic Party but there are many Independents and Republicans who are also Progressives. You can identify them by a crest they wear that portrays a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The goal of Progressives is big government and control of every aspect of your life. They began their control in 1913, with the 16th Amendment. The income tax was the cornerstone on which they launched control over the people of our nation. The next thing they tried to control was alcohol.  The Progressives did not want you to drink because it was harder to control someone who was drunk. Therefore, they banned alcohol; but the people revolted so they backed down on that one. Next they decided to ban marijuana and enlisted the help of DuPont but could not get an amendment. They took a different route and created the same effect. Today, Progressives are still active,  telling us how to light our homes and trying to regulate our electricity usage. In my opinion, every President we have elected since Calvin Coolidge has been a Progressive.  That is why our debt is so high. Coolidge cut Taxes 50% and Spending 50% to create the “Roaring Twenties” until the Progressives took back Congress, spoiled our national growth, and put us into The Great Depression. Then a huge Progressive was elected (FDR) who created programs that actually extended that Depression.

History often repeats itself. September 11, 2011 our economy began to take a dive but thanks to the income tax cuts that followed, our economy rebounded until 2007. The Progressives took over Congress again in 2006 and with the help of Harry Reid and Barney Frank spoiled growth and sent our economy plunging once again, for which they promptly blamed Bush. That is another trait of Progressives, they are excellent liars.

In my opinion, what our economy needs today is a man like Ron Paul, a true Conservative like Calvin Coolidge. Let’s take a look at the marijuana legalization ballot issue.  In the coming elections, seven states, including Nevada, will be voting on marijuana legalization. Progressives will be voting against this ballot issue. I think you should consider voting “Yes,” because that would show the Progressives that you do not want to be controlled. Right now my grandmother must buy her medicinal marijuana from a drug dealer because it is against the law for anyone to sell it to her. Our economy could be impacted in a positive manner as tourism here in Nevada would surely increase as a result of legalization. Finally, there are 6 other states voting on the same measure and the question is, how will it look if the other states pass it and Nevada does not? Ron Paul supports legalization, the Progressives do not.  Where do YOU stand?