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Moving a World Away

By Sydney Chandler

When I first discovered my family was moving to Henderson, Nevada, I’ll admit that I freaked. Then, when we got to our new home, my world became ten shades brighter.
I just moved from Spokane, Washington, to Henderson, Nevada. Spokane is a very cold and dull place so when we got here, you can imagine how hot it was to us. I was really scared to be going to a new school and not only that, but I wouldn’t be going to elementary school anymore. This would be my first year in middle school. Everything felt so fake and weird! I felt as though my life was moving in slow motion because we came in the summer and so for three months, I had no friends. It was an extremely difficult time for the whole family and we thought we would end up moving back to Spokane.
When school finally came around, I was nervous, yet excited! I had never been the new kid and wondered how it felt until that day. Being short, I was positive I would get made fun of, so that just made my stomach turn even more. My first day of school ended up going really well but little did I know the next month would be tough to get through. I made friends but there were so many rules that it was hard for me not to make a mistake every five minutes! For example, in Spokane, we had aids who watched over us during recess. The aids really didn’t care if you wore shorts or tank tops as long as you weren’t showing anything off. Here, if you wear the wrong attire, you get dress code. With the weather so burning hot, you would think they would be a little lenient about the whole thing… but they aren’t! It was confusing and I cried a lot because I wanted to go back to Spokane. I missed my friends and family and it was all moving too fast too soon! Then, it started getting easier and I realized, “I can do this!” I found this out about a month and a half ago. Already three quarters into the school year, I just now figured out that it’s alright and everything is going to be okay! That took quite a bit of time!
Not only was there school to worry about, but there were also my surroundings. Having been to the strip as a vacation, moving only about 15 minutes away from it… I almost felt dirty. I saw homeless people there and a lot of inappropriate things meant for mature eyes only. That wasn’t something I could brag about living close to! Now, all of our friends from Spokane are coming to visit and they want to visit the strip!? I’m personally tired of the strip and unimpressed by what it has become! Being only twelve years old, there isn’t much I can do there anyway, so I continue to repeatedly do the exact same, boring activities every time someone visits.
Finally, the kids I saw here were different. In Spokane you rarely saw Hispanics, African-Americans, Indians, etc. But here you do…constantly! That was very different for me. I am not racist, but it was an extremely different environment I was sitting in! I would look around the classroom and feel as if I was the only white one there and for once, I almost felt out of place! At first I’ll admit I was scared, but now I’ve gotten used to it and have made friends with almost every single one of my fellow classmates in every class.
I’m not going to say that moving to Henderson, Nevada was an easy thing to do, and some might say it was a mistake, but if that’s true… it was the best mistake my family has ever decided to make! I absolutely love the atmosphere here and just the tingly sensation I get when I’m lying out by the pool, getting a tan! One of my favorite things about Henderson is driving down the freeway in my dad’s jeep, jamming out to my favorite music. That always puts a giant grin upon my face!