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NV Dems Coordinated Campaign Is Bad for Nevada Democrats

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April 3, 2012

Today, Stephen Frye, M.D., Democratic candidate to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district demanded that the Nevada State Democratic Party treat all candidates as equals. “It is unacceptable that our own party would try to limit the choices of our loyal Democratic Party voters. All men are created equal and every Democratic candidate should be treated fairly by our state Democratic party.” said Dr. Frye to a group of supporters.
The Nevada Democratic Party has not been empowered by its membership to endorse, support, advocate or promote any one candidate for office to the detriment of any other within the party. Yet, it has become quite obvious that there is a “Coordinated Campaign,” spearheaded by the party leadership and reinforced among a number of operatives, to focus the resources, attention and support on only four candidates for Federal office. This is in and of itself, a “de facto” endorsement.
As of today, April 3, 2012, over two weeks after the official close of registration for candidates, the web page of the Nevada State Democratic party introduces “The” candidates for federal office purposely only including the four members of the so-called “Coordinated Campaign”, Shelly Berkley (for U.S. Senate), Dina Titus (for U.S. Congress in CD 1), John Oceguera (for U.S. Congress in CD3) and Stephen Horsford (for U.S. Congress in CD4). There is no mention of the other officially registered Democratic candidates, Stephen Frye, M.D., James Haning II, Barry Michaels, and Jake Holder, who all are officially filed and running to represent Nevadans.
It should also be noted that while the party represents Democrats from all 17 counties, the state party has failed to acknowledge that there are any Democrats running for the U.S. Congress in Congressional District 2 when in fact, there are several.
Furthermore, the links at the bottom of the page, where viewers are encouraged to look at candidates for various federal offices, simply return the viewer to the same page featuring the same four candidates of the “Coordinated Campaign” leading one to the inexorable conclusion that these are the ONLY candidates for these offices. There is absolutely no mention made of any other Democrats running for these four offices.
At a number of functions recently held throughout southern Nevada and attended by many Democrats, the party leadership seems to deliberately avoid introducing or mentioning any candidates except those of the “Coordinated Campaign”, purposely reinforcing the belief that these three candidates are the only ones running for Congress.

We, as Democrats must not allow the return to the days of party leaders drawing up “slates” of candidates in back rooms, and then presenting them at the voters as if they were sheep to be led to the polls to vote blindly. Those days are over except in the Nevada Democratic party.
This “Coordinated Campaign” is a travesty and an insult to our registered Democrats and independents. Its entire purpose is to facilitate the election of the “chosen” candidates and exclude other candidates.
It has been formally requested that the state party immediately place on the official website the names, pictures and web site links of all registered Democratic candidates for federal office and they have so far refused to do this. This overt discrimination is grossly unfair and is against all the principles of our country and the Democratic Party. This cannot stand.