By Randy Rose

Do you recall the large crowds Obama drew in 2008? Do you remember how the press covered all the crowds Obama drew? The truth is that Ron Paul is drawing bigger crowds and the press is ignoring them. April 4th at UCLA Tennis Pavillion there were over 7,800 people overcrowding the venue. In Wisconsin there were 5,200 at one event and only 5,000 at another. The problem is that many of these people are Independents and cannot vote in Republican Primaries so the crowds do not reflect in the vote tally. The Republicans fear Ron Paul because they see him as a Radical. The fact that Ron Paul is for liberty and adherence to the Constitution, plus his desire to reduce spending, is a radical position according to the Progressive GOP Leadership. That is why there is a lot of voter fraud in the Caucus States and the Primary States. The media does not want to cover these stories for fear that Ron Paul may get more votes from Republicans who see the large crowds. Many would say that the media is not reporting it because Ron Paul has no chance of getting the nomination. The problem with that theory is that the media has been saying that since long before the first vote in Iowa. The media knows that Ron Paul is very popular among Indpendents and even Democrats, so if they gave Ron Paul the credit he is due, it would be curtains for their favored son, Obama. That is why they spend so much time covering Romney even when he was in 3rd place at the start of the political season. Instead of discussing the leader at that time, they concentrated on what must Romney do to get back on top. The fact that Ron Paul wants to get rid of the 16th Amendment, the Income Tax, creates panic in the Progressives’ hearts because that would give too much power and liberty to the people. The fact that the media is so in love with Romney, will get him the Nomination, but once the nomination is secured, the media will turn on Romney and start to bring up his faults. The entire debate will not be on the issues but rather it will center on what is wrong with Romney. The debate questions will be soft ball to the President and will be personal against Romney. The advertisements will all be about bashing Romney and how he will end Social Security and Medicare. There will be scare tactics one after the other and it will lead to another Obama victory and thus another 4 years for Obama. The Republicans continue to nominate Progressives and then they wonder why their candidate loses. Ron Paul is the only Conservative in this race and the Republicans have rejected Conservatives time and time again, allowing the media to dictate to them who their nominee should be. Mark my words and save this article so that you can look back after the election and see that it played out just as I discribed it right here in The Gaurdian Express newspaper.