Seniors Get an Advocate for Lower Property Taxes

By Isabelle Guzman

In his run for Congress, Jerry Sakura mentions having several existential concerns; for example, seniors on fixed incomes having to sell their homes, or not being able to afford payment of their ever-rising property taxes. Mr. Sakura told The Guardian in a phone interview that in his opinion, seniors deserve the respect from the younger generations and that a senior, on a fixed income, should never be forced to sell their home due to rising property taxes. He suggests that measures should be installed in order to protect the elderly. He mentioned that in Nashville, TN, and even in Japan, he has witnessed different tax structures that would be more favorable and fair to seniors.

“As a Congressman who lives in Sun City, Anthem: 13,000 senior voters in one powerful block, I will fight tooth and nail for this very just cause.” – Jerry Sakura

One Response to "Seniors Get an Advocate for Lower Property Taxes"

  1. Bernie Dunne   June 6, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    in Ireland, we have a household charge,an interim measure which is payable every year, and if thhe property is a rental the landlord is liable for the charge not the tenant. It is due to be replaced by a property charge or tax, which has yet to be finalised, but like most taxes or charges, I can only see this one INCREASING the tax burden!!


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