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Police Standoff Leads to Suspects’ Arrest

By Isabelle Guzman

Thursday April 5th, a police standoff lead to the arrest of Devon Cooper and Christine Gulick, both wanted in relation to a series of crimes including an attempted burglary only days before their arrest.

The couple was arrested at the Sandhill apartment complex in Clark County after escaping the authorities a few times in the preceding weeks as they were spotted driving different stolen vehicles. Early Thursday morning, after tracking the pair to their residence, police began monitoring the suspects’ activities.

Gulick was apprehended outside the complex and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, attempted burglary and resisting a police officer, adding to her criminal history of battery of a police officer with a deadly weapon, malicious destruction of private property and carrying a concealed weapon, as per police records.

Devon Cooper barricaded himself in the apartment around 9:00 a.m., prompting the nearly three-hour-long standoff that kept a part of Boulder Highway and the off-ramps from U.S. 95 closed during the incident. The apartment complex was evacuated for the safety of the residents. It was not until around 11:45a.m., that officers entered the apartment, putting Cooper under arrest on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, evading a police officer, battery on a police officer with substantial bodily harm, conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon and destruction of property. The man also faces additional charges in the Las Vegas Justice Court in relation to a previous crime. Officer Bill Cassell, Metro spokesman said that Cooper had a long history of criminal charges including battery and domestic violence with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, obstructing a police officer and several convictions for possession of a stolen vehicle.

A Violent death in the Canvass Canyon.

Meanwhile in a separate incident, police arrested a teenager suspected of taking the life of a man in Canvas Canyon last Monday. The victim, Frank Domingo-Garcia Jr was identified as the suspect’s step-father.

The circumstances that lead to the death of Junior were not known as this edition went to press, but it was reported by neighbors that there had been a long-time feud between the perpetrator and the victim. According to records, police and family services were called on.