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Zimmerman is a Democrat

By Randy Rose

I am perplexed! Why are the Democrats blaming the Republicans when it was a racist Democrat who pulled the trigger? I guess it’s because the Democrats are so good at creating a problem and then blaming it on the Republicans. The fact that the Democrats keep calling the Republicans “racists,” is a prime example of misdirection when the fact is the Democrats are the true racists as evidenced by their actions. Abortion was originally pushed by Democrats in an effort to kill Black babies in their mothers’ wombs. Democrats were against Civil Rights and even filibustered against the bill in the Senate in 1964. They were against the Republicans who tried to end slavery. Democrats were members of the KKK and it was one of their leaders who lead the fight against Civil Rights that the Republicans had to force through even when the President refused to sign the Civil Rights Bill. President Lincoln was a Republican but the Democrats will never admit that fact. Today, the racism in the Democratic Party is alive and well as evidenced by Hilary Clinton when she called Joe Lieberman a “Jew Bastard.” The left also called Herman Cain the N word; and even a CNN news anchor used the N word on live TV a few weeks ago but nobody is complaining because when a Democrat says a racist remark, it’s ok. The Democrats called the TEA Party racist and violent, but when I attended their gatherings I saw Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Asians all together and it was a love fest. The only violence I noticed was the Harry Reid supporters throwing eggs at the TEA Party bus. The Democrats then came up with the Occupy movement where there was violence, rape, racism, police action and hate and yet the protester was lauded as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.
Republicans are not racists. There are many Black Republicans but the Democrats hate them and can be racist against Black Republicans . Keep in mind that when you hear the Democrats blaming the Republicans, it is the Democrats deflecting their own actions. Here are more examples of Democrat racism: In 1898 in Wilmington, N.C. Democrats murdered Black Republicans; In 1922, Democrats filibustered the Republicans who tried to make lynching Blacks a criminal offense; FDR nominated KKK Klansman, Hugo Black, to the Supreme Court; The Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, sent troops to ensure that schools in Little Rock, Arkansas were desegregated and ordered the complete desegregation of the military; Democrat, George Wallace, stood in the doorway of an Alabama school to keep Black children from entering; Democrat, Bull Conner, turned water hoses on those who were marching for Civil Rights. The fact that 90% of Blacks are Democrats, means they should have a lot of Black leaders in the leadership; however, White Democrats in liberal districts will not vote for a Black candidate. There are only 5 Black Democrats in the House representing White districts. The only Blacks who have made it to high office are Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court (the Democrats tried hard to stop him), Colin Powell, Secretary of State, and Condoleezza Rice… all Republicans.
Here’s the reality: there are racists in both parties. But, there are a lot more of them in the Democratic Party and there always have been. Ironically, Democrats have managed to use the GOP’s belief in a colorblind America against us. Because so many Democrats have no problem with using racial discrimination for political purposes, they’ll support policies like reparations, Affirmative Action, and racial quotas that Republicans simply won’t. Then they deftly distort and exploit incidents like the Katrina rescue efforts and Bill Bennett’s condemnation of the idea that black babies could be aborted to reduce the crime rate, to convince black Americans that the GOP hates black Americans.
This is all despite the fact that for a large number of black Americans, the GOP is a much better fit than the Democratic Party. The GOP is the party that’s friendly to religion, anti-abortion, against gay marriage, tough on crime, and for low taxes and school vouchers. Yet, so many Black Americans have been deceived into sticking with the Democrats even though the Democrats do so many things that are harmful to our country as a whole and to Black Americans in particular. That’s why if you’re a Black American who thinks the GOP better represents your views than the Democratic Party, then it’s time to join the Republican Party. Don’t let the Democrats lie to you and tell you that the GOP is full of racists, especially when there are so many distinguished black Americans out there who can tell you otherwise.