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The Biggest Story Never Told

By Randy Rose
Imagine if President Bush had released any document that had been forged. Even before an official investigation, the press would be running that story on the front page. Talking heads on news shows would be commenting for weeks about it because he has an R next to his name. When you have a D next to your name, you get a free pass. The Biggest Story is, as I bury thelead, President Obama released a document proven forged and the silence is spooky. The National Media Press was at the Press Conferance of Sheriff Joe Arpaio but there was not onestory released by any of the networks or cable news shows. The only news organization that is brave enough to report this story, besides the Guardian Express, is the Russian State News Organization known as The Voice of Russia. Ironic that Russia has a free press when America has censorship. The document in question is Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which has been proven to be a forgery beyond a shadow of a doubt. When Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds out who did the forgery work on the document, he will have that person arrested, since the only information we can get is directly from the Sheriff’s mouth. “Wherever I go, people commend me for doing this,” Arpaio told The Voice of Russia. “So, naturally this has been probably thebiggest censorship and blackout in the history of journalism when no one from the national level will cover the story.”
 “You know, when I do something, whether it is dressing inmates in pink underwear or chain gangs, what I feed to inmates, that goes national. I’ve been on 4,000 international profiles, international and national, and yet this has been has been blacked out when I’m investigating this situation.” Commenting on his March first News Conference Sheriff Joe said “They showed up to insult me, not to look at the facts of the evidence that we put on the screen,” he said. “They didn’t question the evidence, which is interesting. They wanted to question what my motives were.”  He added  “Well, we’ve done our research,” he said. “I think any amateur could look at what we presented and come to the theory that it is not the true birth certificate.” Finally Sheriff Joe Arpaio added, “You know, I don’t run Hawaii, so I presume that we will be writing to Hawaii. And you know, from Day 1, all I’ve said is – to clear the air, let’s look atthe microfilm in Hawaii.  If the president was born in that hospital, look at the microfilm and prove it, that’s all. We have two other twins that were born the day after and the day before.The microfilm shows that they were born, so let’s see the microfilm – forget the birth certificate, if that’s an argument. Show the microfilm, and that clears the air. Where is the microfilm?”
I too wonder where is the microfilm because that is indeed the easiest way to clear up the question. I will further speculate that if this President was born outside the United States then what will happen to every piece of legislation that has his signature on it?  They will all be void.