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Unemployment Drops in the Month of February

By Kelly J. Newson

Nevada’s unemployment rate may have dropped to 12.3% in February but we still have much work to do.  Despite this drop we still must keep working to get American families working.  Let’s applaud this drop but let’s keep working and continue to see it drop further.  The signs of recovery are there, though some in Congress and the Senate will have you believe that there is no recovery happening but there is.  It may be slow but every little bit counts and as long as it’s a step in the right direction and not backwards, then we shouldn’t complain.  Many Americans are getting back to work and companies are hiring again.  The goal is to keep companies hiring so we can continue to see Americans get back to work.  For instance, right now a bipartisan transportation bill has made its way to Congress and Senator Reid (D-NV) is urging house Republicans to pass this bill.  This bill would support 12,800 Nevada jobs and allow funding for the crucial interstate between Las Vegas and Phoenix.  Nevadans should get on the phone with their representatives and urge them to pass this transportation bill.  If we want to continue to see unemployment drop we need job bills such as this transportation bill to get through both houses and to President Obama’s desk.  Let’s continue to see Nevadans and all of America get back to work, because with a working America we will have a working economy.

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