Banned US self-defense expert vows to appeal his exclusion..

By Roy Denish

Tim Larkin, the former US Navy seals instructor, who was declared as a persona non grata by the British government, has vowed to appeal to the country’s authorities to reverse the decision.

On Tuesday when Larkin attempted to board a flight from his home in Vegas, was handed over a letter by the British border agency that his presence in UK was not conducive to the public.

Larkin is not a stranger to controversies.

The Guardian Express carried an exclusive article on Tim Larkin titled “why self defense is important”. Click on the links to see the full report. crime-rate-in Nevada-to-increase

Tim Larkin of Target focus training is a well known self-defense instructor in more than 40 countries. His clients are military personnel, celebrities, sports personalities and musicians. “We believe the UK home office decision to disallow Tim Larkin from entering the country simply misunderstanding on their part as to what TFT teaches. Our hope is that they will reconsider their decision, and everything can be cleared shortly” in response to the ban, the TFT said on its website.

Larkin was scheduled to deliver a speech at the martial arts show in Birmingham and followed by a seminar in Tottenham. The Guardian Express learns, the home secretary sought the exclusion as a sequel to his outbursts on the country’s self defense laws and to an incident in 2009.

In 2009, Mayor of Slough, a city in Berkshire who was highly critical of Larkin threatened to kick him out due to widespread condemnation for conducting classes titled “how to maim or kill in self-defense”. The TFT website boasts that self-defense tactics are designed to inflict “crippling pain” to an attacker and claims violence is “your ultimate tool to survive”.

Larkin in an interview with a British-based radio was quoted as saying “I am not advocating that the UK should be like US. What I am advocating is that UK should go back to laws it had prior to 1920”.

“As everyone knows, TFT is extremely conscientious and responsible is all our instruction, making sure clients fully understand the importance of avoiding the avoidable type of situations at all cost:, the website further said.

Larkin has also vowed to the take his case with the Members of the British Parliament.




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