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Nevada Republican Convention

By Randy Rose

On Friday, May 4, the Nevada Republican Convention started at 9 a.m. in Sparks, Nevada with activities and classes continuing through Saturday. Classes included Understanding Robert’s Rules of Order and the Voter Vault changes. I attended the Platform Committee, which was stacked with Romney delegates. As the lone Ron Paul delegate, I felt beat up by the end of the day. I was trying to get the Committee to include the phrase “We support the repeal of the 16th Amendment” in their proceedings, but that was quickly shot down. Because the Nevada Constitution and Nevada citizens reject the idea of taxing income here in our state, I thought this would go over well, but I was surprised at how much the Romney delegates love paying Federal income tax. They were even against the Fair Tax Act HR 25, which many of our candidates running for the House have promised to co-sponsor when elected (visit Fair-Tax.org/nevada). The next day was Cinco de Mayo, but there was no celebration, just a very long, hard day that started with the Presentation of the Colors and the Pledge prayer. The morning guest speaker was Congressman Mark Amodi, who spoke of the many failures of the Democrats and how they have not produced a budget in 3 years. “Thanks to Harry Reid, there will not be a budget again this year,” he asserted. Absent was Dean Heller, Governor of Nevada, and many Candidates running in the June 12 primary. Two Candidates who did show up were Charmaine Guss, running in
Congressional District 1 (CD1), and Kenneth Wegner, running in CD4.

The new State Chairman, Michael McDonald, was welcomed by the Delegates. The first order of business was the report of the Credentials Committee by their Chairwomen. There was some drama over 419 delegates being present but not accounted for. After two hours of debate, the solution arrived at was to go to lunch. That was done to clear the room in order to recheck everyone’s credentials after lunch. Finally, they found a clerical error. The time was around 2:30 p.m. when we finally got back to business. The first order of business was to welcome Congressman Ron Paul to speak. The Ron Paul supporters cheered while the Romney delegates fell silent. Doctor Paul spoke about liberty, financial responsibility, a strong military, fighting only declared wars, and he even mentioned the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul could not stay long as he had to fly to California for another mega-crowd function.

I had a chance to interview Ken Wegner who is running for Congress in CD4. He stated that his son was home from Afghanistan after suffering an injury. He spoke of his fellow military veterans’ endorsements like Seal Team 6. He has also signed the “no tax increases” pledge. My first question was if he would he co-sponsor HR25. He replied that he supports it and pledges to co-sponsor it. He vowed to only stay in office for two terms. When asked about a ballot issue in Nevada that legalizes marijuana, he said he would be
open to supporting it.

Ken also said his word is his bond and refuses money from influence seekers. When asked about how he feels about the U.S. Constitution, he said he was in fact a Constitutional Candidate, and the document is dear to his heart.

I was also able to speak to Charmaine Guss, who is running for Congress from CD1. Ms. Guss contends that she is a Constitutional Candidate and would also co-sponsor HR25. When asked where she stands on marijuana
legalization, she stated that she is against it.

The irony is that even though Ken Wegner was there as a Romney delegate, he is more in line with Ron Paul. Charmaine Guss is also a close replica to Ron Paul.

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