Carroll Shelby, two time Sports Illustrated Driver of the Year Dies

Carroll Shelby, the two time Sports Illustrated Driver of the Year, died on Thursday, May 10, 2012, leaving the racing and automotive world with one less living legend. Shelby amazed the racing community in 1960 while competing at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. Holding nitroglycerin pills under his tongue to fend of an anticipated heart attach and finished third in the competition. He later would say that if it had not been for the time it took him to place each pill in his month he would have won. Though he did not become a race car drive until his twenty-ninth birthday, his brief racing career was full of sparkling accolades. He won his first race in Norman, Okla., which is about the time he made bib overalls the fashion of the day. Shelby attracted international attention in 1954 in a Kimberly Cup race in Argentina when he drove with Dale Duncan. As the story goes, after his engine caught on fire he instructed Duncan to extinguish it with a dose of urine.

But Shelby was more than a race car driver. He is the only know engine designer to have influenced the designs of all three Major American Auto manufacturers. If he was apart of something it turned to gold. Even in his last days, Shelby was working on a new experimental engine.

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