Dwyane Wade is no Kobe Durant Jordan in Miami Heat win

Dwyane Wade is no Kobe Durant Jordan in Miami Heat win  By Tadashi

Perhaps you’ve just finished watching Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat win and you’re wondering where all the excitement you’re used to seeing in playoff basketball is. You’re probably asking yourself, where is Kobe, Micheal or Kevin Durant?

Here we go again. Kobe versus Michael Jordan versus Kevin Durant. But Kobe’s father, Jellybean Bryant, brought his kid
up in a most unique “ghetto.” Kobe grew up in the isolated, butt-pinching boot of Italy. Kobe was raised as a young gentleman and future court gentleman (notwithstanding that incident with a white chick at that fancy resort in Colorado). You see, Jellybean played Italian Pro Basketball for years. Jellybean taught Kobe how to speak Italian (including hand gestures). And then Jellybean walked hand-in-hand with young Kobe through the Medici family compound in Florence, circa 1350. (Sure beats West Philly on a hot August night.) Kobe learned that it was pretty cool to speak the King’s English and to read some cool stories about Roman and Greek heroes (in both English and Italian).

But what about his game? He no longer has the quickest first step in the game, but because of this deceptiveness and patience, hardly any defender can resist the mirrored ball, head, leg fakes that has defined who Kobe Bryant is. The only way to stop Kobe is through modern brain science. His usually hugely talented group of journeyman (that means you, too, Shaq) can usually be guarded one-on-one (that means you, too, Shaq). So you let Kobe score 3040 points in the first three quarters, and in the last quarter, he is just a little too much in oxygen “debt” and lactose buildup. Therefore Kobe’s spectacular fall away jump shot comes up just short.

Kevin Durant, on the other hand, never makes a move that isn’t efficient, pogo-stick like and for a purpose. His right brain creativity allows him to slowly walk the ball up court with a look of despise and disdain while staring at Meta World Peace, who is crunching like a leopard with its fangs out. One tiny step forward, Meta falls back just slightly. Durrant rises gently into the atmosphere, into the stratosphere and softly tosses up a high arcing three point… dagger!

Now, we look at the Prince of Air, Michael Jordan. His eminence was the first to defy gravity (unless you count Dr. J’s under the backboard relatively mechanical lever straight arm reverse layup…the first)
But here is my prediction of what each of these superstars will be doing in 15 short years from now, May 22, 2027.

Michael Jordan. Yup, MJ is still a good looking dude with touches of grey on his temples, mustache and beard. Yup, Michael Jordan is still in his underwear, but this time hawking Depends!

Kevin Durant. This soft-spoken gentle giant (pogo-stick giant) came from humble beginnings in the hardscrabble of a Western town that was West of Nowhere, Oklahoma. As a skinny 10-year-old kid, girls and guys alike laughed at Kevin, (“You look like a scare crow”…“you look like a pogo stick”.) Kevin withdrew deeper into himself and prayed with his Bible with his mom and dad. In 15 years, when Kevin will be about 40, I predict Kevin will be a minister preaching to thousands of wayward minority kids via Skype, and he’ll have achieved everything that he had ever dreamt about.

But Kobe. His horizons will be unlimited at 52 years of age. He could be whatever he wanted to be: US Congressman, Senator, the Magic Johnson of 2222, etc. He could be a sports commentator, a lover, a loving father, a brother or a friend. Kobe will be the man who has everything because he saw beyond his world when he was a youngster. If there is a slight chance you will not be the next Kobe Bryant, you might consider loving to read (like Kobe) and to combine thoughts and experiences to save the world (like Kobe could.)

Now there; Miami Heat who? Dwyane Wade who? Who cares.

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