Gays Angry at Will Smith For Slapping Ukranian Reporter


By Dock Walls, @dockwalls

While on the Red Carpet of the Men in Black III Moscow Premier, Will Smith was hugged by a Ukranian television 1+1 reporter who then attempted to kiss him on the mouth. Will pushed the reporter away and backhanded him on the cheek. After walking away, Smith laughingly commented, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

Outspoken members of the gay community were critical of Will Smith’s “violent” reaction. A gay activist suggested that Will would not have reacted that way if the reporter had been a female. Another who expressed concern said, “Will can’t be for equality some of the time. If he talks the talk, he has to walk the walk.”

This past Monday, Will Smith told reporters in Berlin he supports President Obama’s statement on gay marriage. Will said, “if anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form.” On the heels of this incident, some question whether Will’s statement was simple posturing or an effort to be politically correct.

I, for one, believe Will’s statement in support of the President’s stance in favor of gay marriage was sincere, without a hidden agenda.

Here’s a bit of what they are saying on

Kadyam Raja said, “The guy was greeting him. He was no where trying to kiss Will Smith on the mouth. Wow how ignorant and homophobic Will showed himself.”

Jasper Done commented, “From the video I see no attempt of mouth kissing, reporter no homo.”

Yongham Ye remarked, “This would be normal behavoir if it was in europe.”

40 thoughts on “Gays Angry at Will Smith For Slapping Ukranian Reporter

  1. The man tried to kiss Will on the lips because he watched the first movie he did and wanted a piece of that homo action. Will Smith goes both ways but he doesn’t settle for cheese toast he must have some beefcake fillet migon drizzled with champange.

  2. Im sick of gay ppl pointing they fingers and crying in the news evry single time somebody say something,they got ppl reading lips of sports players!WTFEnough is enough!Everybody dont except or believe in that life style..and im one!Its not my business how anybody live there life,just dont shove down my throat!Will Smith better then me!!!

  3. What the hell is wrong whit the person who wrote this article. Supporting gay people does not mean you have to be a gay. This also means supporting gay people does not mean you have to accept a gay person kissing you out of the blue. Anyone would get angry to such way of forcing yourself on to someone. if you still don’t get the picture, imagine a very unattractive lady who forces herself on you then you might understand. As a gay reporter you should be able to understand that if you are not actually gay then how come you can entitle this article in such provocative way?

  4. gay people think that now that they can marry each other, they can also INVADE other people’s personal lives with their sexuality ! it’s like making a gay pride in disneyland or calling (straight) people homophobes because they don’t wanna accept their tongue in their mouths ? please ! no one is stopping you from being who you are , just leave the people who are not and don’t wanna be “in it” out of it !

  5. It never fails to amaze me how dumb people really are. Why would Gay activist’s think it is okay for a gay man to just openly walk up to a straight guy and kiss him in the mouth, in front of his wife no less. Will Smith’s reaction is not homophobia but a reaction to an invasion of his personal space. If you’re gay or straight it is not right to just walk up to someone and try to kiss them in the mouth. If a straight male went to kiss a female in the mouth, he would most likely get the same response. Also, to say things like “he would not have slapped a female” or “this would be normal behavior if he were in Europe”, is just ignorant. This is NOT Europe and the reporter is NOT a female, he is a man. If the gay reporter respected the boundaries of a straight man, there would not have been a problem, he had it coming.

    1. thank you some one finally making some sense, it so sad that gay right has become so ridiculous to the point that they think it ok for a gay man to kiss a straight man.

  6. I use to support gays, but I got so sick of the media and gay lobbies stifling criticism of them. You can’t expect everyone to agree with you, not everyone is as gullible as you’d like them to be. Oh and FYI: opposition to Homosexuality is not exclusive religious. So shooting down religion won’t help. We will always have science to prove you wrong.

  7. No one supports gay rights except gays and lady gaga . The others are divided into two groups, those who want to use it to control population growth, and those who have to pretends to support it because gays control the media. What would happen to smiths career if he spoke his mind? Same thing that happened to Isaiah Washington !

    P.s gays are angry at everyone because they are mentally unstable… That’s why they want to fuck ppl of the same sex.

    1. Max, gay people do not have an unstable mind, if you would like to prove it by scientific terms I would gladly hear you’re argument and would listen. But gay people are the same as normal people with their minds and train of thought and the ability to process information. It is very ignorant of you to call gay people by such terms, although I am not gay, I do support their right to marry whomever their heart desires. What this reporter did was messed up yes, but you cannot call gay people unstable minded.

  8. Lol ‘he has to walk the walk if he talks the talk’ lol of course he was being PC when he said those pro-gay marriage remarks. The gay lobby has amounted so much influence in the media and politics that celebrities are forced to ‘talk the talk’ because they risk losing their jobs if they said what they really thought. Stardom
    Is all PR. Truth is most celebs only vocally support same sex issues but don’t really believe in them. Basically they are tacitly Threatened If they don’t at least appear to support it. Ironic that hollywood is so obsessed with this when there are almost no talented gays in Hollywood, (really they have no talent). So stupid they claim to be oppressed when they control popular thought through the media. Everything/ one is up in ‘support’ for them… That’s not oppression! Gays need to shut the hell up and get over their sick little lives. Will smith should have blown that ugly bastard’s head off!

  9. The kiss on each cheek is a common greeting in italy and Europe to show respect. Will Smith is just uncomfortable with himself because he’s a closet bisexual

    1. shut up, he can respond anyway he feels gay need to learn boundaries and respect

  10. I would of slapped him too and I’m a female saying this u just dnt go up to ppl and just kiss em Hell no. Will Smith u right for doing that bc I would of done it too, I have gay friends too but still from someone u dnt know to come up to u and do dat Ughhh Idt soooo I would of sucker punched him Idc who u r;) oh and he didn’t attempt to kiss him he did kiss him I have the video;)

  11. Of course Will wouldn’t slap a female if one attempts to kiss him. IT’S FREAKING NATURAL FOR A GUY TO GO CRAZY IF HE’S KISSED BY A GIRL ESPECIALLY IF THE GIRL’S A HOTTIE. Too bad these homos are nutcases already they can’t figure that out.

  12. No stranger in Europe. Canada.. or the US has the right to try and kiss a person on the lips. The reported in the video was trying to do this .

  13. So would they have the same reaction if it were a woman the male reporter tried to kiss if shew slapped him, or would they support it as deffense against sexual assault. I am fully supportive of gay rights, this doesn’t mean anyone has the right to try to lock lips with me against my will.

  14. “A gay activist suggested that Will would not have reacted that way if the reporter had been a female.”

    The gay activist should also realize that Will Smith is not gay. Therefore, the reporter should have respected Will Smith’s sexual preference. Also the way the reporter approached Will Smith was not professional in any angle you look at it. And again, you shouldn’t confuse Will Smith’s liberal perspective and Obama’s stance on Gay marriage with the ability to whatever you want. That is why this reporter comes across as disrespectful and rude to the topic.

  15. If a guy or woman that I DIDNT WANT TO KISS ME… tried to ….Id hit em too. NOBODY….has a right to go and kiss anyone they want! How would that guy like it if ANYONE went up and tried to kiss him gay or straight..male or female? If we were allowed to go around kissing anyone we wanted…Id carry a tazer gun

  16. He didn’t have slap him . It’s other ways he could have let his disapproval be know without violence . He is a role mole to so many people whether he want to be. Will get a hold of yourself that slap can cost you millions. Dummy!!!!!

    1. Learn how to spell and use proper grammer before you call someone a dumb! Dumbass.

      1. “…call someone a dumb!”
        What’s a dumb? Doesn’t make sense.
        Also, and this is cracking me up so much, it’s spelt ‘grammar’ not ‘grammer’. Brilliant.
        If you’re going to pull someone up on their spelling and ‘grammer’ (sic) make sure you get yours correct.

        1. Lol….sorry I HAD to respond after reading this…you have also misspelled a word “spelt” should be “spelled”…. 😀 just saying…

    2. and will could have claimed self defense sinse this was an unwanted kiss again you dont have the right to come an kiss someone you dont know anyone would have reacted the way will act wheather they were rich or broke it just a natural response

  17. gay people out there i understand you guys are mad but it wasnt right for that reporter to grab him like that and kiss him and of course he wouldnt do that to a female reporter because he cant slap women but he probably would push her away it wasnt right for that reporter to do that i think will smith did what he did because he was mad some guy kissed him when will smith is not gay

    1. Well I don’t. Will’s a p*ssy for slapping him. He shouldn’t have slapped that reporter… he should have beaten the living daylights out of him. And who knows? The beating he could have received might even eventually make him straight.

  18. Personal Space is something that people must not violate! Will Smith doesn’t have to engage in homosexual activity to be for same sex marriages. I don’t feel like people should be angry if someone doesn’t want to be gay,just like no one should be angry if someone wants to be straight! American culture doesn’t teach us to kiss other grown men. Why should that be forced on someone that does not want it? I feel sorry for any person that gets beat up for being gay,but let’s face it folks,that guy tried to force himself on an unwilling person(Will didn’t want it)and we usually call that sexual assault in any country whether the people are gay,straight or otherwise!If someone keeps coming after you when you are fighting them off,they deserve whatever they get for not getting the message!

  19. Personally, I feel Will had every right to slap him if he felt violated. I am straight, but believe strongly in gay rights. However, if ANYONE tried to touch or kiss me without my permission I would in fact hit them to. I have done that to both sexes. Europe is very different, though. When I lived there I had to get used to being hugged and kissed on the cheek constantly. Being American, it was difficult to allow such behavior, but after a period of time I got used to it. Will was reacting to violation, not “gay” populations.

  20. Really ? So Whatt , If Will IsnttGay He Isntt , Maybe It Made Him Uncomfortablee . He Really Meant What He Said To Obama , Dosentt Mean HE Swinqs That Way . People Are Dumb

  21. Btw, I just went to the website you cited,, and read the post about it. They had people voting on it on whether Will Smith overreacted, which is currently at over 186k votes. The voting currently stands at “No, he didn’t overreact” (81%) to “Yes, he overreacted” (19%). Man, stop trying to start isht!

  22. Gays angry at Will Smith because of that incident? This is the first story I’ve heard about gays being mad at him. I’ve read comments from a couple of gay blogs, and the overwhelming reaction was of gays siding with Will on this incident. As a gay man, I’ll throw my two-cents in. That Ukranian reporter is an idiot. Will Smith had every right to react the way he did. I didn’t see it as homophobic or anything against the idea of gays. It was a normal reaction that pretty much anybody would have (gay or straight), if some stranger tried to sexually assault you. Be responsibe Dock Walls, and stop trying to start a controversy when there is none.

  23. Give it a rest will smith is obviously a man who just likes women it has nothing to do with being against gays he just didn’t want another man kissing him for real lets focus on real issues at hand. What the hell is wrong with the news nowadays.

  24. Will Smith is not gay, but I am. That reporter had it coming. How do you guys not know who that reporter was? I think Will handled that great, don’t disrespect him that’s all, its has nothing to do with being gay or not, now get over this please, its worse things happening now guys like, we cant get married in some states

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