Haitian Flag Day Celebrated By Wyclef Jean And The Who’s Who Haitians In America

By DiMarkco Chandler

Today, May 18, 2012, is Haitian Flag Day. This is a day where Haitians all over the world celebrate their victory from French rule. But what many may not know is that many successful Haitians enjoy the rich fruits of American Freedom.

Who are they?

I’m sure that most music fans are aware that former Fugees member Wyclef Jean is of Haitian decent. He recently tweeted: “I would like all my followers to know tomorrow is Haitian flag day!so send your happy flag day and I will retweet!” Wyclef has enjoyed a residence in the United States since age 9. Haitian-American activist W.E.B. Du Bois might ring a bell among some. However, most perhaps simply remember that he wrote a number of influential works about racism. New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is of Haitian decent, and so is Jason Derulo, who hit the charts with the platinum song “Whatcha Say.” Derulo was born in Miami to parents that were both Haitian immagrants.

I could go on. The list is lengthy. The bottom line is that we should celebrate with them. After all, liberty should be for all. Welcome, my Haitian bothers, and Happy Haitian Flag Day.

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