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Joshua Ledet Voted Off American Idol

Idol fans may not have appreciated Ledet’s throwback style

By Cheyenne Kent

Joshua Ledet was eliminated on Thursday from American Idol. To everyone’s surprise, Jessica Sanchez and twice-eliminated Phillip Phillips’ position in the much-anticipated finale remained secure.

Some thought Ladet a victim of the over-the-top overpraise while others thought him a victim of the troubling trend that African Americans, particularly men, haven’t a good running streak; but even the judges agreed Ledet sang the best exit performance on Idol with even the judges teary and shocked at the outcome.

Access Hollywood quoted judge Randy Jackson saying: “You’re one of the best singers on this show. Ever. Ever. No matter what goes down, you’re one of the best singers ever on this show… That was incredible. Nobody can do that better.”

When somebody that good leaves, you know they are still going to have a huge career. Jimmy Iovine, the music mentor on the show, is a very successful music executive and producer, and for many weeks now, it’s been no secret that, win or lose, Joshua was going to be signed to Jimmy’s label. I think people didn’t vote for Josh simply because they knew he already had it made.

Also, the populace likes to vote for the underdog, and Joshua was obviously the judges’ favorite. When people get that popular with the judges, people say, “Ahh, he doesn’t need MY vote, obviously.” One more thought is that I think more young people than middle-aged or old people vote, and Josh is a throwback. It could be that the yanguns just didn’t appreciate his style.