Jury finds John Edwards not guilty: The verdict covered one count of campaign funds misuse

By DiMarkco Chandler & Cheyenne Kent

After a jury found former N.C. Sen. John Edwards not guilty of one count of campaign funds misuse, Judge Catherine Eagles declared a mistrial on all other counts immediately after the Jury told her that they were deadlocked and further consideration was useless.

“I was obviously under the impression you had reached a verdict on all six counts,” CNN quoted Eagles as saying previously to the Greensboro jury and ordered them back to deliberation, which totaled nine days.

Edwards was found not guilty on count three, which was regarding the $925,000 received Fred Baron and heiress Rachel Mellon who sent them to the wife of Edward’s aide to co-sign under her maiden name. The prosecution alleged that the money was used to pay for the pregnancy, travel and living expenses of his former mistress, Rielle Hunter, and to hide this affair from Edward’s dying wife Elizabeth and the public.

Former Edwards aide, Andrew Young, initially claimed to be the father of Hunter and Edward’s child.

BBC described Edwards as insistent after the ruling that he was innocent of the allegations. Edwards said he had done an “awful, awful lot that was wrong,” but his four-year-old daughter with Hunter was “precious” to him.

Defense attorneys argued that Edwards was only guilty of being a bad husband and said the donations did not qualify as campaign contributions.

Edwards could have served 30 years in jail and been fined $1.5 mil. if he had been convicted.

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