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Kristen Wiig Quits NBC Saturday Night Live

Mic Jagger Gives Wiig A Big Sendoff

By Cheyenne Kent

Cast member Kristen Wiig literally walked off SNL Saturday as a mock graduate in cap and gown being sent off into movie land by Mic Jagger.

“She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty,” USA Today reports Hollywood.com’s Paul Dergarabedian as saying. “She could be the new voice of comedy in film, both as a writer and performer, given her seemingly universal appeal.”

Wiig’s diversity includes a range of characters from gabby Kathie Lee Gifford to powerful former Speaker Nancy Peloisi and neurotic Penelope. Wiig also has the benefit of drawing comparisons with famous comic Lucille Ball and Will Farrell besides being teamed with laugh-rousers Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro.

Her exit was a blow to NBC, it is no surprise that in order to test her wings, Wiig has a half-dozen films scheduled through 2014, including Imogene, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Freezing People Is Easy.
Last night on SNL, Wiig was holding back tears, but no one can doubt that it will turn into laughter― at the bank.

Just remember what she said on Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin in April: “I want to do a lot of different things.”

Kristen Wiig will be missed on the small screen and may initially have an impact on NBC’s ratings on Saturday Night Live, but I predict that that mourning will be short-lived as both NBC and Wiig will springboard back.