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Colombian controversy and more allegations against SS agents

New details have emerged in the ongoing Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia.

Senator Joe Lieberman, the chair of the senate committee revealed an estimated 64 additional misconducts by the secret service agents including one compliant of non-consensual sex. He said that many agents were allegedly involved in sending sexually explicit electronic mails and materials during the working hours on tax-payers money.
The head of the secret service, Mark Sullivan, testifying at the senate security hearing looking into the “Colombian-controversy” said that his agency has carried out extensive investigations into the non-consensual sex incident and since there was no clear-cut evidence  decided not go forth with the charges.

“We have taken appropriate actions in the case of three other incidents involving foreign nations,” Sullivan said. He was referring to three other incidents that agents were involved in a relationship with a foreign national.

Sullivan in his opening statement profusely apologized over the “Colombian-controversy” and said, “I am deeply disappointed and apologize for the misconduct.”

In April 2012, 11 secret service agents providing security to President Obama were sent on administrative leave for misconduct with a Colombian escort.

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