“No fly zone” only two “flies” allowed under restroom guidelines in China

By Roy Denish

“God in his wisdom made the fly and then he forgot to tell us why,” (Ogden Nash, “The Fly”) but in China, the authorities have set a quota system for flies:  only two flies per day, per toilet.

In a bizarre rule of law, Authorities in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have introduced a new set of rules for public toilets, including a strange stipulation that they should not contain more than two flies. The introduction comes in wake of complaints that some of the toilets are infested with flies.

In 2008, the Chinese government attempted to implement the guidelines, but the rules flew out the window due to the fact that sanitation and hygiene varied from toilet to toilet.

The new rules are a new set of guidelines for janitorial staff manning public toilets in Beijing.

Ogden Nash may have found the answer now.


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  1. Leonora Mitchell   May 24, 2012 at 5:38 am

    Illllllll invested with flys!!! I will NOT be boarding that flight!


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