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John Edwards awaits verdict


By Dock Walls, @dockwalls

The jury deciding the John Edwards case ended its fourth day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. Those jurors did not request any new evidence on Wednesday. They left 15 minutes earlier than usual. Reportedly, one juror had to deal with a personal issue.

Edwards has been present at the courthouse every day since the start of jury deliberations. He has been accompanied by his parents and his oldest daughter, Cate. John Edwards is present in the courtroom whenever the judge takes the bench to address jury questions or when the jury breaks for lunch or for the day.

However, on Wednesday, Edwards, 1974 graduate of N.C. State University and a 1977 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill law school, walked to the nearby stadium to watch an ACC baseball tournament. Cynics may think it an act to endear him with members of the non-sequestered jury, who might get word of that act and somehow better connect with him.

All 12 North Carolina jurors must decide that former vice presidential nominee John Edwards is guilty of one or all six felony counts pertaining to campaign fraud.

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