Los Angeles city becomes the second city to ban plastic bags in the nation

By Roy Denish

The city of Los Angeles became the second and the largest city in the nation to impose a ban on plastic bags at the super market check-out lines. The ban is a clear-cut victory for the environmentalists but would force many plastic bag manufacturers to lay-off employees.

A little-known online newspaper in Los Angeles, The Gateway Pundit, termed the ban as “liberalism at work-killing jobs.” Another newspaper screamed, “Democrats vote to choke the life out of more California jobs.” The city council committee moved forward Wednesday with a plan to end the use of paper and plastic bags at supermarket checkout lines, citing such a move would spur consumers to switch to more environmentally-friendly reusable ones.

The council’s Energy and Environment Committee forwarded its strategy for banning bags at 7,500 stores to the full council, comparing the change to laws requiring seat belts or banning smoking in restaurants.
The vote occurred despite objections from workers at a plastic bag manufacturer who said their company would be devastated if bans are passed throughout the country.

One Response to "Los Angeles city becomes the second city to ban plastic bags in the nation"

  1. Christopher   May 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

    10 cents a bag! But atleast it will push us to buy our own plastic bag and save the environment!

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