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NBA draft lottery 2012 winners are no surprise

By Art Stevens

To all you dyed-in-the-wool NBA fans who will know at least MOST of the following, please forgive me, but I’ve gotten many requests about how the lottery works, which teams have a shot at the top players, etc. So I thought it might be a good idea to write a short version of what will take place.

This evening, we have the NBA Lottery Draft on ESPN TV at 5 pm PST that will take place at Disney/ABC’s Times Square studios in New York. Of course, you would be MOST interested if yours were one of the teams that did NOT make the playoffs last year, which would put them in a group of teams that would have a chance to acquire one of what they consider to be the top four players in the country. The teams are given combinations of numbers. Fourteen numbered ping-pong balls are put into a lottery-styled machine. Each team is assigned a certain number of combinations based on their records, and the team with the worst record will get the MOST combinations, and therefore having the BEST chance of having the first pick. Those teams with the best combinations would then make their respective picks. The remaining teams would then revert back to the regular draft. At this writing, the four teams that have the best shot are:

1-      Charlotte Bobcats

2-      Washington Wizards

3-      Cleveland Cavaliers

4-      New Orleans Hornets

Just remember that if YOUR team did NOT make the playoffs last year, that they are also to be included in this list. They just will not have quite as good a chance as any of these four.

Some of the top players to look for in this draft are:

Anthony Davis – Forward – Kentucky

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Small Forward – Top defender – Good athlete

Thomas Robinson – Kansas – 6’10” – 237 lbs.

Harrison Barnes – UNC – Shoots well

Royce White – Power Forward – Iowa State – 6’8”  – 270 lbs.

Andrew Nicholson – Power Forward – St Bonaventure – Averaged 18.4 pts

Draymond Green – Forward – Michigan State – Averaged 16.1 pts. – 10.4 rebounds

Bradley Beal – Shooting Guard – Bradley – 6’5”

Jeremy Lamb – Shooting Guard – Uconn – 6’5”

Damian Lillard – Point Guard – Weber State – 6’4”

Kendall Marshall – UNC – Good size – Good passer


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