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Zombie-like man shot by police for chewing the flesh off a homeless man’s face in Miami

By Kyra Hall

This past Saturday bore witness to a brutal attack that conjures images of horror movies. Around 2 in the afternoon, witness Larry Vega happened upon a scene that would send many zombie enthusiasts running for their shotguns. A man later identified as Rudy Eugene was ripping into the flesh of his victim’s face. Eugene was entirely naked, and his victim was nude from the waist down. Vega verbally commanded the man to stop, but Eugene continued to tear into the other man’s flesh. Vega left the scene and managed to flag down a Miami police officer. The as yet unidentified officer commanded Rudy to stop several times.

It was reported that Rudy not only refused to stop but looked up and growled at the officer, blood dripping from his lips and flesh caught in his teeth. The officer fired several non-lethal shots, which did nothing to deter Rudy’s cannibalistic attack. The officer was forced to continue firing until Rudy was dead. It took nearly half a dozen shots before the attack was ended and paramedics were able to take the unidentified victim to the hospital. The victim’s face was eaten from the top of his goatee to the hairline. His eyes were gouged out, and his nose was entirely eaten. He remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Since the incident, speculation on what motivated the attack has exploded. Police theorized that Eugene was suffering from a condition called “cocaine psychosis,” characterized by symptoms including violent behavior and raised body temperature, which might explain why he had stripped his clothes off. Others claim he was having a bad LSD trip. A similar attack was reported where a man tried to bite his neighbor, and both men admitted to being under the influence of LSD. Another possibility is that Eugene was using a new drug known as “Bath Salts.” This drug has been linked to numerous violent incidents. It contains stimulants related to amphetamines and is also known to cause hallucinations, paranoid delusions and increased body temperature. Eugene has a record of drug possession and was previously arrested for assault.

Toxicology reports on Eugene’s remains may reveal what drugs were in his system. The unidentified victim may also be able to shed light on the incident, but there has been little word about the victim’s current condition. Only time will tell what caused this brutal attack.