The World of Fashion: Crystal Ball “Uncut” Part 2

By Dock Walls

Last week, the Guardian Express LV published an interview I recently conducted with Fashion designer Crystal Ball, a Las Vegan who has distinguished herself and is giving back to the community. If nothing else, it is evident that Ms. Ball is determined to succeed with her “So Crystal” line of clothing. Crystal’s work with young people provides her the greatest reward. We now resume with our interview:

Dock Walls: Most accomplished designers have been inspired by memorable people, circumstances or life events. Who or what has been your inspiration?
Crystal Ball: At an early age, my mother taught me there was nothing smarter than simple lines. As long as I can remember, for better or worse, I’ve been a slave to fashion. I would look at a garment and find myself captivated, unable to turn away from it until I had successfully remade it in my mind. As fate would have it, I married a Bermudian. While living on that culturally enriched island, I was drawn to light and airy garments that covered but did not cling. I modeled for Ricky Richardson, a fabulous designer with a rich, unique style. In my spare time, I began to design items solely for myself. I learned the art of draping to complement the lines of the body and hide the flaws. My designs centered around angles, lines and the use of simple shapes.
Dock Walls: When did you first consider yourself to be a professional designer?
Crystal Ball: I didn’t consider designing as a profession until I noticed how people raved about my clothes wherever I went. I realized my passion was to create things was not going to subside. I was different. I wanted to change the fashion world and create understated things of beauty. I was into natural beauty before it was cool.
Dock Walls: What distinguishes you from other designers?
Crystal Ball: I’m committed to making garments that are fun, functional and affordable. Most designers cater to women of a particular age, shape, size or status. My clothes are designed to fit all women, without distinction.
Dock Walls: Crystal, I have certainly enjoyed spending time with you. Your energy is infectious. As a parting gift, what advice would you give to aspiring designers?
Crystal Ball: First of all, thank you for this opportunity to share my story with your readers. I’m really impressed with the Guardian, especially the work of publisher Dimarkco Chandler. I recommend aspiring designers experiment with different fabrics and styles until they find their voice. When they do, they should push the envelope to the limit of creativity. No matter what, they should always demonstrate excellence and integrity.

If you would like to intern with Crystal Ball, email her: [email protected]