Las Vegas Nevada: Think You Can Think You Can’t Either Way You’re Right

The Degradation of the Economy brought to you by the Degradation of Society

By Bridgette Bryant

How our economy is being affected by the messages our minds to embrace. 

What ever happened to respect and pride?
As a child, a teenager and even as an adult, I have been raised to respect my elders, guard what comes out of my mouth and always keep my word.

Ideals like this seem to be lost on today’s society. I don’t believe the people simply do not care. Nor do I believe that they don’t know any better. It is as if respect and consideration for others has taken a backseat in our day of late night talk shows skits, political “comedy” shows and pop music videos.

You can see it in every area of your day.

Yesterday, I was in a Fresh and Easy grocery store walking down the aisle, and I stopped to grab some milk out of the refrigeration case. Next to me stood an eighty-year-old woman who was looking at her list trying to figure out if she got everything she intended to. I closed the case and suddenly could hear the background music that had been playing in the store. I had not really noticed it until this particular chorus caught my attention. The lyrics were, “I want to make love right now, now. I want to make love right now, now.” Mortified, I looked at the old lady and felt nothing but embarrassment and shame. It is not as though I wrote the song; however, in that situation, I was a representation of the generation that had produced this disenchanted love song, not to mention the fact that the song was obviously being sung by a black man, so I, being a black woman, felt even more embarrassed. The song continued as did this torture for the next 3 minutes. And all I could think was, “What the hell has happened to us?”

Don’t get me wrong. I know that we are very far from the “Leave It To Beaver Days” with no chance of return. But do we have to go way to the other extreme and basically, re-live the days of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Any time I am out on the strip, I see half naked girl after half naked girl. So many semi-naked girls that I cannot even be upset with men who expect women to put out on the first date. I’ve come to understand from most men’s perspectives that how we dress is how he receives us, and rightfully so since it is the image we choose to convey. The worst part about the semi-naked trend is that you can always tell that about 75% of the girls don’t want to be wearing what they are wearing. Often they look uncomfortable, in pain, or tug at the bottom of their skirt because they feel self-conscious. The last habit lets me know that they know that something is wrong. However, in order to keep up with the Jones’, you gotta do what you gotta do.

It used to be you could not watch TV without seeing someone semi-naked or hearing about adultery or hearing bad words (are they even considered bad words anymore? They seem to have become commonplace). But now you can’t turn on the radio either. Try it next time you turn on the radio. See if you can find more than two songs on the pop stations that most of our youth listen to within a half hour set that do not either talk about sex, getting drunk or doing drugs. It amazes me to no end that “artists” are allowed to say on the radio whatever they want. There is no way that I should be flipping through radio stations and be forced to hear the line, “sex in the air I don’t care I love the smell of it.” That is disgusting. And all it is doing is teaching our little girls that it’s okay to talk that way, which is setting them up to be disrespected by men, which will leave them feeling insecure and un-validated, which will produce nothing but negative relationships for them for their entire lives.

And that’s only one level.

Young people walk the streets saying words I would never say in front of strangers. They give no regard for who is around that can hear them speaking, and many do not even fathom the possibility that they are doing something wrong.

What does all of this have to do with state of our economy? Absolutely everything.

Success in life begins as a state of mind, and the same is true for the recovery of our state.
If a mind is continually filled with lewd ideas, negative feedback, and thoughts that promote self-defeating habits, it will never graduate beyond this realm and will only create the outcomes that those types of thoughts can create.

What the mind is fed, the body produces.

I met a boy yesterday who told me that he used to be able to throw a baseball 94MPH consistently and could run like the wind. He had an accident in a car that made him have to go through physical therapy and learn to walk and function all over again. He proceeded to tell me that after all the work he did to recuperate, he can now pitch just as fast and run equally as well, but he decided not to try anymore because the doctors told him he could never play again.

I did not understand how he can have the evidence that he can still pitch and run yet completely disregard it because of the words that were spoken to him by someone who has never seen him live and in action. Because of those words that have been spoken to him, he has been made handicapped even though he is alive and well.

What the mind is fed, the body produces.

As a whole, the mind of the state of Nevada is being fed that we are the worst. I hear the mouths of our own citizens every single day re-announcing that we are the worst at {fill in the blank}. As statistically true as this may be, I’ve still not heard anyone speak on how to make a change for the better. I am from the philosophy of if you can fix it, don’t complain about it, but as a nation, we have gotten far away from this way of thinking. All we do is complain, all we do is talk about what’s wrong, and nobody stands up to do anything about it. Maybe at least if all the naysayers would stop talking, the pioneers could stop losing some of their courage and gather up the strength to step up to the plate.

I heard a man say to someone who is running for office right now for the first time, “why would you want to get involved in government right now? Everything is so messed up.” To which this brave, young soul replied, “What better time than right now? Somebody’s got to do something.”

You can tell by the way this person spoke that her body is only producing what her mind has been fed. She’s not listening to the bad reports. She doesn’t think it’s funny when people say Nevada’s last at everything. She does not believe that talking about the issues is enough. She does not yield to the easy urge to complain against our officials, having no idea of what it is like to try to represent the people. She does not give in to complacency or lower herself to the status quo.

Today, we as a nation spit in our streets, throw cigarettes on the ground, belch loudly in public, curse in public conversation where older ladies are present and disrespect our mothers with bad attitudes and rebellious tendencies. We dishonor ourselves by not always honoring our word. We look for the easy way out and always want something for nothing. We fight amongst ourselves even though we know that divided, we cannot stand. We’ve borrowed against our coin. We’ve borrowed against our livelihoods. We’ve debted ourselves into a deep hole. From the level of the common man to that of governments and on up to the men in power, we have made bad decision after bad decision and stand here now pointing fingers at one another when we each had a part to play.

We have degraded so rapidly that we’re even losing the respect of other nations who once envied us. How did we get here?

One wrong thought led to one wrong action over and over again.

We have got to start feeding our minds anew. We have got to start looking at things from the perspective of, ‘yes, this is how it is now, but together we can make it better’ as opposed to, ‘yes, this is how it is now and it’s never going to change.’

This responsibility falls into each of our laps.

The people have to stop electing officials based on ‘R’s’ and ‘D’s’ and choose people whom they see have a heart after change.

The officials have to stand up and stop leaving a bad taste for politics in the peoples’ mouths by setting aside their agendas and simply being a representative for the people.

The federal government has to take steps to ensure that the media stops creating sex-crazed zombie children who just want to text and watch ‘Twilight’ all day.

And we need the men in charge to remember your aspirations as boys, un-harden your hearts, and give a little to help the people. We are drowning.

All of this movement starts with one thought changed. One new spark. One re-focused mind set on getting us out of where we are and taking us to the next level. One re-energized mind that remembers why it starting doing all of this in first place. One re-kindled passion for people so you can help them despite how much they get on your nerves. If we begin to feed our minds with these thoughts of redemption and pursuit, as a nation, we will begin to see a change in our situation because what the mind is fed the body produces.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Nevada: Think You Can Think You Can’t Either Way You’re Right

  1. Thank you so much, MotherDragon. I stand in agreement with you in prayer to God that your son hear you and become the force of positive change that God has created him to be.

  2. WOW! What a magnificently worded piece! I couldn’t agree more and fight these attitudes every day with my 13-year-old autistic son. He once viewed his differences as fantastic, since his mind is truly a beautiful one, his heart is made of gold, and his smile and dimple light up the room. Now, he complains about how school is boring and useless (he is charter-schooled at home due to extreme bullying) and why does he have to learn any of it anyway since he’ll never use his knowledge for gain. He DID NOT learn this from us! The culture of instant gratification has influenced his thinking to the point that we have to actively try to undo his negativity. He seems to not be able to see how awesome this country is and how terrific he has it. I know teenagehood has inherent angst attached, I just pray to God every day that he “hears” us and takes the amazing mind the Lord gave him and is a force of positive change instead of joining the herds of complaining malcontents. I will have him read this article because it just about says it all. Well done, Ms. Bryant!

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