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MAGAZINE WARS: Time and Newsweek Push Covers To The Limits

By: Dock Walls

May 18, 2012

Released just in ahead of Mother’s day, the current Time Magazine cover features a mother breast feeding her nearly four year old son. The text accompanying this provocative photo tauntingly asks, “Are You Mom Enough?” Viewer reaction to this explicit cover was swift but widely varied. While some insist it showcases a completely natural act, others have argued it is sexually suggestive. One things for sure, that controversial Time Magazine cover has been mentioned and displayed by most every major news source and has dominated discussion on Social Media.

Determined to protect its market share and prevent the competition from gaining an advantage, rival Newsweek Magazine previewed the cover of this week’s edition. It features a head shot of Obama sporting a rainbow colored halo, and catching cover text which reads, “The First Gay President.” Interestingly, a blog by the author of the article, openly gay writer Andrew Sullivan who’s pleasantly thankful Obama came out in support of Gay marriage, doesn’t remotely suggest that the President is gay. The non literal reference has its genus in the manner Clinton was often referred to as “The First Black President.”

This arguably disingenuous but highly provocative cover did the trick. News sources are now forced to mention the Time and Newsweek covers in tandem. The no holds barred battle between the two magazine giants is the only real news. Where this will end nobody knows.