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Chris Brown and Drake never laid hands on each other

By DiMarkco Chandler

They are at it again. I am not merely talking about the reported fight between Chris Brown and Drake, I’m talking how media companies report their news; they’re issuing conflicting stories again. This is a continuation from the article I penned yesterday when I attempted clarify the news of whether Kanye West had tweeted a nude picture of Kim Kardashian. Some news outlets went as far to say that the tweet had Kardashian upset over the whole issue. I tried to resolve the free-fall by highlighting the discrepancies found in each piece.

Here again we have what some are calling a bar brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake. The Daily Press tells us that Christ Brown and Drake were “engaged in fisticuffs with Drake outside a New York nightclub while Entertainment Weekly leaves “open the possibility that Drake (or someone in Drake’s crew) cut Chris Brown with a bottle last night.” They further report that the fight was over Rihanna and the back and forth of first a bottle of Champagne from Brown to Drake and then a note passed to Brown crudely mentioning Rihanna and Drake’s relationship. These events allegedly provoked an ugly brawl that left the club in disarray.

TMZ, contradicts these stories, presenting an eyewitness account who says that “Chris Brown did not send any bottles over to Drake’s table.” Moreover, a member of Drake’s camp “issued a statement … insisting Drizzy wasn’t involved in the brawl at all.”

So again we’re left to sort out what really happened on our own. Now with so many people in attendance you can be sure this is not the end of the story. You can be sure others in attendance will provide relative information updating the incident.