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Watch out: Here come the Yankees again

By Vincent Deforte

No one believed me. Everyone doubted me. But in the end, I was right.

Everyone laughed at me when I told them not to worry, that the Yankees would still be good enough to challenge for the American League East title this year, maybe even the World Series. What with Jorge Posada retiring after last season, A-Rod having an off year, and the inevitable rumblings that he was done, even I had my doubts.

Shame on me!

And then Mo Rivera goes down while shagging flies in the outfield in early May, what was a sane person to think?

First, most Yankee fans are not what you might call sane.  Second, you should never doubt you favorite team. Be a die-hard fan, no matter what. Who cares what other people think. Never let ‘em see ya’ sweat.

And last but not least, the most important thing of all, YANKEE PRIDE.

You see, as a Yankee player, you know that New Yorkers will always expect more from you. This is as it should be. So in the back of your mind, that little voice is always telling you, “You’re a Yankee, you’ve got that Yankee pride, use it.”

Or in more scientific terms, “Use the force Luke”

And it works.

Earlier in the year, Curtis Granderson was on fire. He carried the team.

And let’s not forget about Derek Jeter, the Captain.

He’s not just the Captain, he’s OUR YANKEE CAPTAIN!!!

Jeter’s hot bat leading off the Yankee line-up made it happen early.

So while they were waiting for the return of Andy Pettite from retirement, and the pitching staff to get acclimated, and the new players to gel, something great happened.

The Yankees stayed close and have now made their move. On May 1st, the Yankees were 13-10, and 2.5 games back of the Rays. On May 15th, they were 20-16, 2.5 games back of the Rays and the Orioles. On June first, they were 28-23, 1.5 games behind the Rays. Not the best, but a nice, steady progression. Way to keep it close guys. Do your job.

But since then, they are 9-2, and have won 6 in a row, sweeping the Mets at Yankee Stadium, and then the Braves in Atlanta.

But up next, they play the upstart Washington Nationals in D.C. A real test for both teams.

Only time will tell. Keep up the good work guys. Ya done good so far.