Concern about the zombie apocalypse increases after man eating face and cannibalism stories

“Bath salts” drug part of the concern

By Amanda Shore

After the reports of the man eating a homeless man’s face in Miami, the cannibal in Baltimore and the porn star that dismembered his lover in Canada, I think it’s safe to say that there are people who are greatly concerned for the well-being of their family, friends and themselves. Some of the concern is also due to the rise in the popularity of the new designer drug “bath salts.”

While I don’t think that zombies will start becoming a reality, I can empathize with those that are concerned for the future. Times are tough, and all of these real life horror stories aren’t helping. What does help is being aware of how to deal with crises as they come up. Make an emergency kit for your family ahead of time. This will help you to feel and be more secure.

Research natural disasters that can happen in your area and prepare for them in case they strike. For example, if you live somewhere that is prone to floods, consider elevating and reinforcing your home. Construct barriers to keep water out. It all depends on your location.

Always have an emergency planned for so that there is less panic. Reinforce your emergency protocol with drills. If there are any children living in your household, drills will be especially helpful. The children will know what to do in case of an emergency instead of starting to panic or feel scared at the thought that something might go wrong. Be aware of the weather patterns that could indicate a natural disaster. If you’re aware of it before it happens, it will be easier to stay calm and carry out your emergency plans.

While natural disasters and zombies aren’t really on the same level, the same basic principle applies. Be prepared. If you think that zombies could be a reality in your lifetime, be prepared for them. If you think that the crazed people that have appeared in the news lately are acting under the influence of “bath salts” or some other drug, be aware of the signs that indicate that someone is using them. Tell you children and your friends what to look out for so that they won’t be in any danger. It’s important to teach kids about the dangers of interacting with strangers anyway.

It all comes down to preparedness. Keep up with current news so that you are prepared if disaster strikes.

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  1. This article does absolutely nothing but advise people to be prepared. Deplorable. Besides, the deaths have nothing to do with “bath salts.” Validate your facts before spouting off.

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