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Defending Against Cannibalistic Zombie Apocalypse: The Secrets Behind The “Bath Salts” Drug

By DiMarkco Chandler

This week, Miami and Louisiana have reported new episodes of cannibalistic zombie apocalypse attacks. A Louisiana man now stands accused of gnawing his neighbor’s face allegedly from being under the influence of drugs. 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux of Lafayette Parish is accused of biting off a chunk of Todd Credeur this past weekend. Credeur was able to fend off the attack by spraying Jacquneaux in the face with wasp spray. Shortly after, he was taken into custody at the home of a friend whom he held at knife point.

In Miami, Brandon De Leon, 21, was placed under arrest for allegedly trying to bit a police officer. In De Leon’s case, he was clearly under the influence of the Bath Salt Drug. Globalgrind.com reports that “Leon growled and tried to bite an officer on Saturday…. North Miami Beach Police said De Leon slammed his head repeatedly against the plexiglass of the police cruiser and told the officer ‘I’m going to eat you.’”

These two cases bring this month’s total of cannibalistic attacks to seven. I’d say it’s about time we pay attention to this Bath Salts drug before we’re looking at a Mad Max situation taking over our cities.

That brings me to the question that no one seems to want to ask. What’s in Bath Salts that makes people want to bite another human being? This is very disturbing behavior, folks; in fact, it’s frightening.

Toxicologists and scientists alike are telling us that Bath Salts contain mephedrone, an active ingredient found in crystal meth. And it’s this Mephedrone that make us grind our teeth, especially since it dehydrates you.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Acid, cocaine, meth or ecstasy, but the active drug raises one’s heart beat and makes a person want to grind their teeth. Imagine having the urge to grind your teeth. Now imagine over dosing and therefore having a heighten desire to gnash your teeth. This is what I believe is going on physically with people that use these harmful drugs.

I think I can therefore answer the question on grinding one’s teeth.  But first, I’d like to hear from you on the subject.

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