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Democrat or Republican: Politician or Civilian?


By James Turnage

Reno, Nevada

From my first voting experience (at age 21, the right to vote at 18 came after my time), I knew I would always be an independent. I’m not sure I’m proud of it, but I became interested in politics in my pre-teen years. Yes, I’m old enough to remember when some politicians actually talked about the issues and told the truth occasionally. This most likely was because voters did not decide for whom they would cast their vote based solely on what they saw and heard on television.

In my early voting years, the two major parties represented different ideologies. The democrats favored social plans and fair taxation. The republicans stood for less government, less government intervention and a lower tax rate for all. Can anyone please tell me what either party stands for today?

Experts say that our nation is more divided than it has been at any time since the civil war. I didn’t need them to tell me that you and I play witness to it every day. The politicians prefer it that way. They fear that the American people might think and not just listen, leading to votes for the best candidate, not voting for the party’s candidate of choice.

The “tea party” hasn’t helped. All they have accomplished was to move the grand old party away from their sensible ideals and forced radical concepts upon them. And democrats have become spineless, fearful that taking positions on issues that do not have the favor of all their constituents, will cost them votes, possibly losing their bid for reelection.

Our upcoming election between President Obama and Mitt Romney will, in my opinion, not be about the issues. It will be about rhetoric, money spent, and half truths and blatant lies. There is an enormous hatred from the right that probably should have been directed at Mr. Obama’s predecessor. The left side of the aisle has no backbone. They live in fear of not getting reelected and being forced to find a real job. They lack solidarity, for which I praise the members of the right side of the aisle. Right or wrong, they at least stand united.

I have listened to thousands of our citizens who I believe take the time and effort to vote. I have come to the conclusion that if they ceased to vote based upon what a news network tells them to, they, too, would be independents. Our two party system has failed the American people. Our founding fathers knew this even as they were signing the Constitution.

Professional politician is a term that has more bile than the word attorney (and many of them are). Term limits, reducing medical insurance and retirement benefits would be the beginning of a government that is operating for the people, which is what the original intention was.