When The Dusky Settles: There’ll be more Jerry Sanduskys to sweep away

When the “Dusky” Settles

By Billy bob Bramscher:

Based in Washington, D.C., preventchildabuse.org was formed in 1981 to coordinate federal advocacy efforts on behalf of abused and neglected children. In 1985, the National District Attorneys Association recognized the unique challenges of crimes involving child victims and established the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse (NCPCA).

Prevent Child Abuse America is committed to promoting legislation, policies and programs that help to prevent child abuse and neglect, support healthy childhood development and strengthen families.  President & CEO James M. Hmurovich shared the following after the Sandusky verdict:

“We have also learned that all adults must play an active role in the lives of the children who live in their neighborhoods and communities if we are to ensure that child sexual abuse is prevented.

To accomplish this, we must:

  • Learn about the grooming techniques of perpetrators and how to recognize the signs of abuse;
  • Let our children, all of our children, know that we are interested in who they play with; where, and how, they spend their time; and what’s going on in their lives;
  • Begin a dialogue with children and their parents focused on healthy sexuality at the age-appropriate time;
  • Minimize one-on-one contact between adults and children;
  • Advocate for innovative, evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention policies at all levels of government; and,
  • Trust our best instincts when we believe abuse is occurring and report it.”

Ben Tanzer, with Prevent Child Abuse, responded when asked of his reaction to the Sandusky trial, “Honestly, my reaction is that what happened at Penn State is a terrible tragedy for those who were victimized and silenced. I also think as a nation this story showed us that sexual abuse and its impact is more far reaching than most of us imagined. However, this doesn’t have to be the whole story.”

Many have been heard singing that the healing must begin…  In a business-sense for Penn State that “healing” is beginning quickly as reported by www.msnbc.com on June 23, 2012, by Ian Simpson.  The healing, however, cannot start until we advocate and protect our children… advocate and protect ourselves.  This philosophy is expressed on the Prevent Child Abuse website, “Advocacy is as basic as speaking on behalf of oneself or others to get something done. For example, as child advocates we seek to ensure that the children in our community have a voice and that their needs are met. This can mean speaking on behalf of children and families to your local community officials, your state-level elected officials, or your federal policy-makers.”

The “Dusky” may have settled in the Sandusky case, but there are many brooms in this world sweeping away reality and hurting our kids.  As victims, we must not be embarrassed.  As victims, we must not allow any more to be brought into a club that only shatters the innocent dreams of our sisters, brothers, our friends, and our elders.  The healing starts when all children are protected.  The healing starts when all adults are protected!  This is the story…  We are FAMILY!!!

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  1. Fred   June 28, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I think you neglected to capitalize your middle name. You scraped the crux of your article from
    preventchildabuse.org and elsewhere. Then, after you composited article was done, you added you opnions at the end, making it a commentary, not headline news. Follow journalism practices.


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