Justin Bieber takes charge as Apollo Power outage fails to stop concert

Power goes off at the legendary Apollo Theater as Justin Bieber shows that perhaps he is grown up

By DiMarkco Chandler

During one of Justin Bieber’s concerts last night at the Apollo Theater, a strange interruption occurred. The power that feeds into musicians’ equipment blew, and Justin was facing a very difficult decision. With the fans in a wild frenzy, Bieber decided to continue the show by first engaging in a drum solo that lasted several minutes. This was followed by an impromptu brief dance contest by his stage dancers. Then the pop star had the crowd sing happy birthday to his manager Scooter Braun. When officials at the Apollo informed Bieber that it would take them at least an hour before they could have the problem fixed, Bieber went into the crowd to calm their disappointment and asked them to help him finish the show.

The crowd cooperated, and Bieber continued to perform with only drum beats and the audience singing along with the superstar.

According to Associate Press, representatives from the Apollo could not figure out what caused the interruption in power.

After the concert, Bieber wrote on his twitter that “Me and Ludacris blew up the power at the Apollo Theater..Haha. Epic.”

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