Kathie Lee Gifford gaffe in her Martin Short interview a pattern Today’s Show host has repeated

By DiMarkco Chandler

Everybody is taking about the gaffe Kathie Lee Gifford made when she interviewed Martin Short on the Today Show Wednesday morning. While quizzing Short about his marriage, Gifford asked the comedian about his great marriage with his dead wife Nancy. The actor graciously and awkwardly replied , “Married 36 years.”

The controversy has played out over the last two days with apologies and a statement from Short saying that he had no hard feelings. However, the problem is, this is not the first time Gifford had fumbled the ball.

The Daily Beast has reported and provided videos on their website showing a number of cringe-worthy moments Gifford has experienced. They exposed seven Gifford gaffe moments, to be exact. One in particular was an awkward moment when Gifford “asked James Taylor about his brother—who was also dead.”

You can find more of these moments at thedailybeast.com.

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